Video Workshop_12: Legs & their Connection to Self (2hr 4mins)


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Yoga Video Workshop: Legs & their Connection to Self (2hr 4mins)

Our legs are intimately bound up with our sense of choice and personal power.  We first experience ourselves as individuals, separate from our mothers, as we begin to walk.  Taking our first steps, we start to express personal agency and preference.  We experience ourselves as “growing up”, literally reaching away from the floor, into space and thence to adulthood, learning to find balance and “stand on our own two feet”.

This creates a connection between our experience of using the strong muscles of our legs and hips and selfhood.  There’s a strong association too, with personal autonomy and wellbeing.  So it’s no surprise that, during the early lockdowns of the pandemic there was a marked increase in physical exercise as individuals expressed their desire to feel more control over their choices and situations.

During this video workshop we’ll:

  • Explore the developmental role of the legs in creating a sense of individuality and personal choice
  • Consider whether and when it might be helpful to straighten the knees and how we can work with knees that are prone to collapsing – into hyper extension or bending
  • Discuss how the pandemic has caused an increase in both physical activity and sedentary living and how that might affect our sense of self and wellbeing
  • Explore the feeling of strength and support that arises from our legs and how it supports our mental health


This video workshop is designed as part of the Beyond Asana Course, comprising a series of workshops.


The Beyond Asana series


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