Video Workshop_11: Shoulders & Upper Back (2hr 3mins)


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Yoga Video Workshop: Shoulders & Upper Back (2hr 3mins)

Our shoulders are complex joints, incredibly flexible and adaptable and yet often prone to feeling stiff and tense.  Stress and anxiety is often expressed in this area, causing discomfort which may then radiate up into the neck, down the arms into the wrists or throughout the torso, leaving us feeling grumpy and out of balance.  Today we’ll give our shoulders and upper back a sensory treat, let go of deep seated tensions and experience space and freedom in this overused area of the body.

During this video workshop, we’ll:

  • Understand the complex structure and function of the shoulder joint
  • Explore the anatomy of the shoulders, arms, ribs and neck
  • Discover the intimate relationship between the upper spine, shoulders and the breath
  • Learn more about the rotator cuff
  • Give your shoulders and upper back a sensory treat, learn to let go of long held tensions
  • Practice some gentle, deliberate and focused techniques to help you change movement habits and release tensions which may restrict you in everyday life


Suitable for anyone who feels there’s more to yoga than shapes and postures.  If you’d like to explore what we’re really doing in asana experience yoga practice in more depth, this is for you.


This video workshop is designed as part of the Beyond Asana Course, comprising a series of workshops.


The Beyond Asana series


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