Video Workshop_13: Self Care & Craniosacral Therapy (2hr)


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Yoga Workshop Video: Self Care & Craniosacral Therapy (2hr)

Have you ever wondered how to create that deep bliss you feel after a wonderful massage?  That sensation of being both grounded and light, refreshed and ready for deep rest?

During this session, we’ll be exploring what stimulates that delicious feeling of being “yoga stoned” and how we can generate it ourselves, through our own personal approach to practice. Whilst some yoga is all about our experience of movements and muscularity, there’s an another way to practice which takes us into the deep rhythms and pulses of the fluid body and this is how we’ll approach our final session in the Beyond Asana series.

The central nervous system is bathed in craniosacral fluid (CSF), which surrounds the brain, flows through the spinal canal and down into a pocket within the sacrum.  When the fluid is optimally balanced and flowing harmoniously, we feel calm, that all is well with the world and within us.

Usually we visit a therapist who will provide touch and tiny delicate movements to promote harmony within the system.  During this class we explore how it’s possible, with sensitivity and attention, to stimulate a harmonious sense of fluid movement and bring ourselves into a sense of balance and ease and quiet.

During this workshop we’ll:

  • Explore how movement can become free, exploratory and reflective of our fluid natures
  • Move away from muscularity and powerful movement and dive into our fluid nature
  • Tune into the deep rhythms and pulses of your fluid body, particularly your craniosacral fluid (CSF),  which bathes the brain, flows through the spinal canal and on down into a pocket within the sacrum
  • Find balance and harmony through your fluid system to bring a sense of calm and well-being
  • Explore how to invoke a sensitive, delicate attention which can stimulate our own fluid balance, thereby generating a sense of ease and restful quiet
  • Delivered in a practical, accessible style, this workshop is not to be missed.


This workshop is designed as part of the Beyond Asana Course, comprising a series of workshops.


The Beyond Asana series


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