Video Workshop 9: Fundamental Movement Patterns (2hr 0mins)


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Yoga Video Workshop: Fundamental Movement Patterns (2hr 0mins)

If we like yoga, we tend to do it a lot.  And in these circumstances it makes sense to really understand what we’re doing and why.  How do our movements reflect normal, everyday functional movement patterns?  What are the fundamental building blocks of movement and how do we learn to make them as infants?  How do the patterns we create in very early life affect the way we move as children, adults and on into old age?

During this video workshop, we’ll:

  • identify the 6 fundamental movement patterns
  • discuss what we mean by “functional movement”
  • investigate how we can adapt our approach to yoga postures to become more compatible with healthy, functional movement
  • investigate how habitual movement patterns and postures may have affected our ability to move and feel these fundamental patterns
  • examine how yoga helps us explore fundamental patterns
  • discover how to let go of unhelpful movements and move with more ease and fluidity

Delivered in a practical, accessible style, this workshop is not to be missed.

Suitable for anyone who feels there’s more to yoga than shapes and postures.  If you’d like to explore what we’re really doing in asana experience yoga practice in more depth, this is for you.


This workshop is designed as part of the Beyond Asana Course, comprising a series of workshops.


The Beyond Asana series


Delivered in a practical, accessible style, these workshops are not to be missed.


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