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Benefits of a Private Online Yoga Classes

Private online yoga - Working online allows us to choose a time that works for you – we can arrange classes to fit around your children, work and other commitments.  Online yoga sessions create a more relaxed and easy going atmosphere.  In the comfort of your own home there is no need to rush to get ready for the world outside.  Simply switch on your laptop or ipod, connect through the link and we’ll begin!

Bespoke Yoga

Each private online yoga class is customised to meet you and your needs on that day.  Yoga is the practice of cultivating awareness of the present moment and this is how we will approach each class.  You may wish to create and practice your own personalised sequence which we repeat (modified as necessary), or you may be working with a specific issue.  Private yoga can help you:

∗  Develop awareness of mind and body

∗  Quiet a busy mind

∗  Calm stress and anxiety

∗  Feel more alive and conscious in each moment

∗  Enhance focus and attention

∗  Improve coordination and proprioception

∗  Balance the nervous system

∗  Support healthy immune function


The wonder of practicing private online yoga is that wherever you are in the world, we can maintain contact and continue our regular meetings.  In the current corona virus situation, the internet is a powerful and versatile way for us to maintain our connection.

New to Yoga?

New students often feel overwhelmed in a group class and can benefit immensely from receiving an instructor’s complete attention. Working one to one will help you develop a clear understanding of the yoga poses and breathing techniques, helping you develop at your own speed.

Your needs come first

Private yoga classes are customised to fit your specific needs, focusing on therapeutic benefits for injuries, restorative benefits for stress or emotional situations, and helping you work towards specific goals.


Come and practice yoga with me no matter where you are in world!

Private One-to-One Yoga

Traditionally, yoga was taught individually, to ensure that each student gained complete understanding and mastery before moving to the next stage.

This individual approach is suitable for students at all levels of experience, from beginners to more experienced practitioners.

Private one to one Scaravelli inspired yoga classes with Catherine Annis is an ideal way to explore your own personal yoga practice and to develop your understanding.  

Working closely on a one-to-one basis helps to clarify and deepen your yoga practice, and may be more appropriate if you are beginning yoga, don’t like working in a class situation, or have specific needs – such as rehabilitation of an injury. If you have up to two friends who would like to join you, that’s fine too, as long as you have adequate space.

During your private tuition, you can choose to focus on whichever aspect of yoga you choose. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics to give you confidence to join a class, or to develop strength and ease in more challenging positions, Catherine can tailor your session to help you really enjoy yoga and relax into it.

Reasons to take private yoga lessons:

1. New to yoga
New students often feel overwhelmed in a group class, and can benefit immensely from receiving an instructor’s complete attention. Working one to one will help you develop a clear understanding of the yoga poses and breathing techniques, rather than getting lost when the speed of a group class is too much.

2. Your needs come first
Private yoga classes are customised to fit your specific needs, focusing on therapeutic benefits for injuries, restorative benefits for stress or emotional situations, and helping you work towards specific goals.

3. Increase strength, and flexibility – safely
In a one-to-one yoga lesson, Catherine will select poses which are appropriate to your needs and experience, so that you develop a safe, intelligent and nourishing practice. The private tuition helps curb our natural tendency to push towards reaching the full expression of a pose when this may not yet be appropriate or could create discomfort.  Working 1:1, Catherine will be right beside you, helping you to balance your ambitions with your experience and abilities, offering assistance and gentle guidance as your skills develop.

4. Busy schedules
One to one Scaravelli yoga classes conveniently fit your schedule. Many people are just too busy to get in the car or on public transport and then practice yoga for an hour (or more) at the studio, then travel back home again … that leaves you anything but relaxed. Catherine can come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and design a class specifically for you.

Yoga Nidra

Catherine also teaches Yoga Nidra on a 1:1 basis – this can be very helpful if you are having problems sleeping or relaxing and is extremely restorative at times of emotional or psychological stress.

Yoga nidra means “yogic sleep”. It is a state of conscious deep sleep. In meditation, you remain in the waking state of consciousness, and gently focus the mind, while allowing thought patterns, emotions, sensations, and images to arise and go on. However, in yoga nidra, you leave the waking state, go past the dreaming state, and move into deep sleep, whilst remaining  awake and conscious. Yoga nidra brings you to a supreme state of relaxation, which can be very helpful at times of intense stress, or when you are having difficulty sleeping.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

During this deep state of relaxation, blood pressure is normalised, the immune system is strengthened and the brain relaxes and cooperates better. All the organs and senses of the body are rested in a way that sleep seldom provides. Thus the senses are sharpened and you come round feeling refreshed and invigorated. The more familiar you become with yoga nidra, the easier it is to glide into the relaxed state. And as you become more practiced at the techniques, you will be able to return to this state instantly – in the middle of the activities of your day, or at night, when you may wish to move deeper and allow yourself to drift into sleep itself.


What to expect

Yoga nidra is practiced on the floor, in a warm, comfortable and safe environment, free from distractions. Each session takes approximately 1 hour, as Catherine talks you gently through a series of relaxation techniques that help bring you into the state of yoga nidra. At the end of the session, you will wake refreshed and revitalised, ready to face the rest of your day.

Corporate Yoga

Stress in the workplace is the main reason for employees taking time away from the office, costing companies millions each year.

Cultivating a good team environment and investing in the well-being of your employees shows that you care about your staff.  Allowing your staff to feel part of the team makes them more efficient and determined to do well for your company.

Taking time out of your day to practise Yoga with colleagues has proved extremely beneficial.

Benefits of corporate yoga classes include:

1. Improved team morale, motivation & communication
2. Reduction in neck, back & shoulder pain
3. Help reduce high blood pressure and asthma
4. Anxiety and depression is reduced
5. Increased focus, balance and energy
6. Making the place of work an enjoyable environment
7. Boosting the immune system
8. Improved posture and circulation
9. Toned, stronger body

Catherine provides convenient yoga classes in the workplace for busy professionals who understand that looking after their well-being is essential to maintaining high performance in business.

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Initially I was unsure about online yoga practice, but it was so lovely to reconnect with Catherine, it made things feel a little more normal for an hour. I had a chance to relax and breathe, get out of my head and back into my body.

It was just what I needed. Seeing the other students via zoom gave a sense of community. Fantastic, and I didn’t even have to leave home.


Thanks so much for the yoga class tonight, that was a lovely way to wind down from the week.

It was great just what I needed.


Thank you Catherine, that was a beautiful online yoga class.

Will try and get another class in before I get drawn into the real-world next week.


This was my first attempt at online Yoga and I booked it with some trepidation. But it was great, and Catherine was excellent. Her online cues were excellent and there was still a sense of connection. There was a sense of being with her and that really surprised me.

I will be booking another Zoom online yoga session.  I will also be looking at joining your Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course.


It was such a sense of community - it provided strength, safety, continuity and hope in times of immense challenge.

Catherine used all her senses and skill to bring us into a shared virtual space - where we could practice yoga alone but feel connected.

Thank you

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