CranioSacral Exercise, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Catherine Annis

Soothing Craniosacral Rhythm Exercise

Craniosacral Rhythm This week in our Online Yoga Classes we’ve been exploring approaches to downregulating and soothing our nervous system by visualising the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is encased in a closed system,…

Yoga Teacher Mentoring, Course, Online, Hatha, Scaravelli

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Course

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Course The experience of a teacher training course is so intensely immersive that the reality of graduating and setting up our own classes can feel isolating and overwhelming.  It can be challenging to…

Catherine Annis Yoga, Gary Carter, Making Connections, Video, Superficial Front Line

Intelligent Yoga Workshop – Making Connection 3

Yoga WorkshopMaking Connections 3Exploring the Superficial Front Line Join Catherine Annis & Gary Carter for this third in a series of pop-up yoga workshops. Following the previous two workshops in this series, where we explored the back and then…

Titration, Yoga

Titration & the edge of sensation

Titration & the edge of sensation The word “titration” comes originally from chemistry, where it describes the process of adding tiny amounts of a substance to another and then testing the results. In yoga and…

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, IMMERSION Course, Catherine Annis Yoga

Yoga Immersion May 2022

Yoga Immersion Course, May 2022 Would you like to immerse yourself into your personal yoga practice?  To refresh and inspire your own personal take on yoga teaching? If you’d like to dive deep into yoga,…

Yoga, Continuing Professional Development, CPD, Training Course

Continuing Professional Development

Individual Module StudyContinuing Professional Development Each module has been created as an individual, deep dive into the practice, inspired by the most current scientific anatomical and movement research. The daily schedule is intentionally spacious to…

Wellbeing Course, Catherine Annis Yoga, 2022, 2023, Online Zoom

Wellbeing Course 2022: Live Online

Wellbeing Course: Live Online Wellbeing, Your Way an approach to restoring balance and wellness If you’re feeling anxious, overtired, overworked or stressed, join us to restore space, calm and relaxation to your daily life. This…

Yoga Nidra Video, Breath, Scaravelli Inspired, Catherine Annis Yoga

Yoga Nidra: Air Becomes Breath

Yoga Nidra VideoThe Intelligence of Breath Join me for a delicate exploration of organic, exploratory movement followed by a long guided meditation. We’ll begin by sensing into the fluid nature of our bodies and expressing…

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