Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Vanda Scaravelli

What is Scaravelli Inspired Yoga? A beginners’ guide

What is Scaravelli Inspired Yoga?A beginners’ guide Scaravelli inspired yoga is a stress-free yoga that benefits everyone.  Classes are suitable for all ages and all levels, from beginners to those with many years of experience.  Regardless…

Scaravelli Inspired, Yoga, Workshop, Pelvic Balance, 2021, Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop : Pelvic Balance

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop Pelvic Balance Have you ever wondered why one side of your body is easier to access than the other in your yoga practice?  Or why some “hip openers” are more challenging…

Scaravelli Inspired, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Catherine Annis, online, zoom

Yoga Nidra: Inspiring Friday Night Special – 90mins

Yoga Nidra Are you ready to unwind and relax?  Do you relish the thought of spending an evening just for you, when you can simply let go? If you’re tired of doing too much and need…

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Workshop Fascia, 2021, Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop : Exploring Fascia

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop Exploring Fascia – the organ of structure Fascia has become the latest trend in yoga and bodywork.  Practitioners and experts from all fields of movement are discussing and researching it, and it’s revolutionizing…

London Yoga Teacher Training, Course, BWY, British Wheel of Yoga, Accredited

Amazing London Yoga Teacher Training Course – BWY Accredited

London Yoga Teacher Training Course Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (IYTT) was founded by Catherine Annis. Our mission of this London yoga teacher training course is to establish the training as a centre for excellence, and one…

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop, Anatomy, Psoas Muscle, Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop : Demystifying the Psoas Muscle

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop The psoas muscles are the deepest muscles in our body.  They are the link between our spine, diaphragm and legs and act as messengers between our inner selves and the outer world. …

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Teacher

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

What is Scaravelli Inspired Yoga? The style of yoga Catherine teaches has been inspired by the pioneering approach of Vanda Scaravelli. This is a gentle yet demanding form of Hatha yoga, which focuses on developing core strength…

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop, Video, Vagus Nerve, Catherine Annis, 2021

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop Video: Vagus Nerve

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshop Video Demystifying the Vagus Nerve Have you ever wondered what the Vagus nerve is and why it’s so important? Playing a fundamental role in the parasympathetic nervous system, the Vagus nerve, the so-called…

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