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Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Testimonials:  We strongly believe that the best form of promotion is through word of mouth from those who have attended our yoga events, courses or classes.  Here are a selection of some testimonials.

Alicia Moran

Pilates Foundation (Director - retired)

Catherine belongs to an elite group of London yoga teachers who are at the top of their practice. Her understanding of the body and the language she uses to describe movements and poses is vivid and sophisticated. Her Scaravelli yoga classes are invigorating, challenging but also deeply relaxing. She has inspired my work as a Pilates teacher and introduced me to a broader understanding of how to achieve release and balance in the body.  

John Stirk

Yoga Teacher and Osteopath

I have known Catherine since 2001. During this time she has been my student, yoga colleague and friend. It has been a pleasure to act as her mentor. I have been impressed by her gentle enthusiasm and the intelligent way in which she has immersed herself in all aspects of yoga. She continues to add her own flavour  that arises from her dedicated practice. Her teaching reflects her understanding of this broad and valuable subject.

Sara Mohr-Pietsch

Radio Broadcaster (BBC Radio 3)

Catherine is a wonderful yoga teacher based in London. She is firm but compassionate, and I feel completely safe with her. Her Scaravelli classes have changed the relationship I have to my body – I’m more confident physically, and I’ve learned to trust my own experience through her teaching. This is seriously deep and wise yoga!

Dominique Antiglio

Wellness Entrepreneur, Author and Sophrologist

I am lucky that I have been practising yoga with Catherine since 2015.  I am grateful for our sessions that are always highly transformative physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only has she supported me in gaining strength but also in overcoming the belief I had that my body wasn’t strong enough. It does make a big difference in my daily life now!

Thank you Catherine for your expertise and kindest support.

Nicola Johnson

Freshwater Blue (Reality TV Australia)

It's a pleasure to submit this testimonial about a great yoga teacher. Working with you has helped me build core strength and gain control over my flexibility and use muscles I wasn’t even aware I had! I feel taller and more stable in myself after our week together, and I believe it will be the foundation of a developing yoga style I will adopt and continue to practice.  You are the best yoga teacher I have ever found. Thank you.

Alison Lloyd

Ally Capellino, independent British designer brand

Thanks so much for the week of yoga at Huzur Vadisi, it was such a good time and such an interesting crowd. I only wish I’d had another week. I’ll definitely join you again in yoga class at triyoga.

Take care.

Olga Victorovna Fedorishcheva, Fedori, Actress, Testimonial, Scaravelli, Yoga
Olga Fedori (Olga Victorovna Fedorishcheva)

Actress (Holby City, Eastenders)

Catherine’s Scaravelli yoga teaching is inspired.  We have all met those yoga teachers along the way who manage to let their light and wisdom shine so very brightly yet make it so personal and applicable to you. Catherine is one of these gifted teachers who have influenced my being, my body and the way I approach my practice and my teaching in subtle yet profound ways.  I would go even further to say that having studied with her changed things fundamentally.  One often hears: “Do yoga from the inside.” In Catherine’s classes I finally realised what this means.  It’s priceless.  I highly recommend studying with her in any way you can: privately, group classes, retreats, or all of the above.  Namaste!

Jody Barber

Neurological Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher

I deliberated for several years before finding a yoga teacher trainer who I hoped would resonate with my knowledge, skills and background as a neurological Physiotherapist.  Catherine Annis has by far exceeded my expectations.  Not only does she have a wealth of experience as a yoga teacher, her anatomical and biomechanics and movement knowledge is extensive. Her professionalism and passion to teach, share and exchange knowledge and skills in yoga and movement has been so valuable in enabling me to develop as a yoga teacher but has also immensely enhanced my treatment approaches in my physiotherapy practice. The best training I have done in years!

Mary Fellowes

Fashion Editor, Vogue

Catherine’s Scaravelli yoga classes in London are refreshingly down to earth, ‘non-smug’ yoga … Her teaching is intelligent, soulful, spiritual, intuitive, spontaneous, surprising and a total joy.  How she helped me cure a really painful back problem is another example of  how hugely generous in character and spirit she is, and always goes that extra step further to interact with her students on a deeper and more personal level than any other instructor I have worked with.

Amy Day

Entrepreneur & Business Woman

I’d never done yoga before being offered a Scaravelli yoga class with Catherine through my work. Catherine focused on our scrunched up office bodies and I quickly became hooked on gently and intensely stretching with her gentle yet firm and interactive approach. I have gained strength, flexibility and the ability to relax my body and mind all at the same time! I loved these classes so much that I’ve just come back from her Scaravelli yoga retreat in Kerela- one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, probably the best money you could spend on you and your body.

Ben Wright

Choreographer/Movement Artist/Teacher
Artistic Co-Director at Candoco Dance Company (2017-2020)
Lecturer in Dance Northern School of Contemporary Dance

In many ways Catherine's classes have been a life saver for me. She is a supremely generous, knowledgeable and communicative teacher. Her rich approach offers students a space to curiously explore and deepen practice through a wealth of imagery and her extensive understanding of the body. I also deeply appreciate her contagious sense of humour.

What a wonderful human.

Amanda Berridge

Business Woman

You are the best Scaravelli yoga teacher I have ever had, and I love your mixture of a very thoughtful and intelligent approach to yoga with a light touch and sense of humour. You also seem to be genuinely interested in your pupils – it’s not all about you. 

Maria Rosberg

Graphic Designer

Thank you for another fabulous and hard Scaravelli yoga class, I so  enjoyed the introduction with the bony foot and walking around the room  exploring different surfaces with our feet. I love the journey of discovery  within our bodies which you’ve introduced through your classes, it’s amazing  how it helps bring me down to earth and into the here and now, into joy and  presence. Thank you, it’s such a gift.

Koy Thomson

Yoga Teacher

I highly recommend Catherine. She is a quite exceptional teacher no matter where you are in your yoga journey. Catherine has guided me to a yoga which has fired my curiosity and sensitivity to observe the movements of my body, mind and consciousness.

The way Catherine teaches shows that she trusts us to develop our own natural intelligence in sensing and feeling, so that postures unfold when they are ready and are never forced. But while kind, gentle and frequently humorous, Catherine’s yoga is not ‘floppy’. It is also demanding of attention and right effort. I am very glad that I found her. Your body and mind will thank you.

Dana Andrew

Yoga Teacher

I'm so grateful for Catherine's online classes and workshops. Booking is easy and the video and audio quality is excellent. I love Catherine's classes because everything offered can be adapted to how I feel/what I'm able to do on the day, and Catherine's expert guidance means the subtle yet demanding practice always leads me to learn and discover something new about myself and my yoga practice.

Pippa Richardson

Yoga Teacher

Before I embarked on my yoga teacher training (ttc), a fellow yoga teacher said to me ‘this will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself’ and she was absolutely right.

Completing my yoga training under the guidance of Catherine Annis was truly a life changing process. Her expertise, care and passion is exceptional and reflected in everything she did. Beyond her technical knowledge is a rare sincerity and ability to ‘hold the space’ as you grow from student to teacher – it’s so important to be supported in this way whilst you undergo an exceptional time of personal growth and learning.

I feel incredibly grateful to have been supported in this way.

Dr Ondine Barrow

I have been a regular student of Catherine's since 2013 and feel blessed to have found her. I had been practising yoga for over 25 years but it is through Catherine that I have learnt most about my body, how it works and how to move it so that it feels good.

I have also learnt so much about my mind and nervous system - all lessons which I can take beyond the classroom. Catherine has a wonderful perceptive generous teaching style. It is hard to put into words how much she has taught me.

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