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Catherine teaches online yoga classes, workshops, immersions and courses online throughout the year.  Some of these yoga sessions will be recorded.

If you can't attend on the day, you can buy video copies of these recorded yoga sessions which are available as MP4 downloadable files to view at a time which works better for you.

New recordings of classes, workshops and yoga nidra are added as they become available.

Yoga Courses Available for Purchase

Back Care Video, Yoga Workshop, Catherine Annis Yoga, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

Yoga for Back Care
Series 1

Yoga for Back Care offers an insight into how and why we experience pain and offers a simple programme of movement to support you in learning to soothe and settle your back, building strength and confidence.

Each class will end with restorative postures to alleviate any discomfort, promoting self-repair and healing.

Join us to :

* Learn how to gently mobilize the joints thereby promoting the natural healing mechanism of the body
* Build awareness of our natural movement patterns and how they may affect our ability to move with ease
* Look at our posture and how we move in our daily lives
* Relax tense muscles to enhance restorative blood flow
* Develop strength, coordination and stability to help us move with confidence
* Challenge our beliefs about pain, weakness and damage
* Reassess our understanding of our bodies as vulnerable and discover the innate resilience of our structure
* Reconnect and restore flexibility and joy in movement

Video time: 9 hours

Video number: Back-Care-Course-1

Beyond Asana, Yoga Workshop Video, Catherine Annis, Yoga Scaravelli Inspired

Beyond Asana

Join Catherine Annis to explore the subtle, transformative power of yoga through this series of immersive yoga masterclasses.

Expand your yoga practice and create a richer, more meaningful yoga practice for you and your students.

Aimed primarily at yoga and movement teachers and serious students, this series is suitable for anyone who’s interested in exploring what we’re really doing in asana and how we can deepen our understanding and experience.


Join us to :

* immerse yourself in the practice
* develop your inner teacher
* discover how to create an authentic and personal practice
* adapt your yoga to become more accessible and meaningful for everyone
* experience yoga with a sensitivity and rigour which will transform your teaching and practice

Video time: 10 hour 7 minutes

Video number: Beyond-Asana-1

Yoga Video, Catherine Annis, Gary Carter, Scaravelli Inspired, Workshops, Masterclasses

Making Connections

Gary Carter and Catherine Annis have worked together for many years and developed a joint approach to teaching which delicately weaves anatomical knowledge into movement practices, drawing on their decades of experience in yoga, breath, pranayama and Eastern and Western understanding.

This course is delivered in a practical, accessible style, these 4 masterclasses and are not to be missed.

Join us to explore:

* The Superficial Back Line
* Exploring the Side Body
* The Superficial Front Line
* Moving into the Deep Front Line

Whether you’re a teacher in training, a serious student or starting out on your yoga journey, these explorations are created to support you as you develop informed, accessible and sensitive approaches to practice.

Video time: 8 hours 25 minutes

Video number: Making-Connections-Course-1

Scaravelli Inspired, Immersion, Catherine Annis Yoga, Gary Carter, 2020, video

with Gary Carter & Catherine Annis

Discover how moving with awareness and understanding can profoundly affect our mood, shifting anxiety and enriching our human experience.

Originally a 5 day residential immersion course, this is a condensation of key practices and learnings, designed to offer you insight into the power of developing your own practice.


Join us to:

∗  Explore how our myofascial tissues respond and affect movement
∗  Investigate how yoga soothes the nervous system
∗  Learn simple takeaways to enhance and enrich your yoga practice
∗  Experience a nourishing and expansive dive into simple and complex yoga practice with two leading teachers in the comfort of your own home

Video time: 7 hours 55 minutes

Video number: Immersion-1

If you have a specific area which you would like me to cover in one of my videos during my next filming session, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

I'll do my best to accommodate requests wherever possible.

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