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Vanda Scaravelli Yoga Quotes

A selection of some of the best Vanda Scaravelli Yoga Quotes from her book Awakening the Spine: Yoga for Health, Vitality and Energy.

Vanda, Scaravelli, quotes, yoga, best, top, inspiring, quote

“A rigid mind is very sure but often wrong.  A flexible mind is generally unsure, but often right.”

“It is possible to have a different attitude in which a new intelligence not imposed by authority, but born from interest, attention and sensibility, will emerge and in which body and mind, fused in one single action, are collaborating together.”

“Do not kill the instinct for the glory of the pose.  Do not look at your body like a stranger, but adopt a friendly approach toward it.  Watch it, listen to it, observe its needs, its requests, and even have fun.  To be sensitive is to be alive.”

“Yoga should not be a training for body control; on the contrary it must bring freedom to the body.”

“Yoga can re-educate the body and bring back suppleness.  When tensions leave, the body goes back to its original state and balance is re-established.”

“Be careful, very careful about organisations.  Yoga cannot be organised, must not be organised.  Organisations kill work.  Love is everywhere, in everything, is everything.  But if your confine it, enclose it in a box or in a definite place, it disappears.”

“Practicing yoga is like being on a body holiday.”

“The beauty of yoga.  It is the meeting of the brain with the body.  When you are attentive, concentrated, when you feel what you are doing, there is energy.  The binding of the two becomes energy.  It is important to understand this.  When they are together there is great energy, which gives the body freedom and makes the mind more supple.”


- Vanda Scaravelli -

Awakening the Spine: Yoga for Health, Vitality and Energy (Paperback)
B. K. S. Iyengar (forward), Vanda Scaravelli (Author)

A long awaited reprint of this classical work revised by Vanda’s daughter and based on extensive notes left by the author allowing the book to be published for the first time as Vanda intended. Even if you have the first edition, it’s still worth investing in this one to see how Vanda’s ideas subtly changed. Superbly illustrated with iconic pictures of Vanda as well as inspiring photographs and images to set the tone. A book to treasure.

Vanda Scaravelli (1908 - 1999) is known for her contribution to the practice of yoga in the West.

As a young girl, Vanda met the philosopher Jiddhu Krishnamurti, who became a family friend. He would stay at their home in Florence each year. Krishnamurti and the violinist Yehudi Menuhin, another friend of the family, invited Tirumalai Krishnamacharya to come to Scaravelli's home in Gstaad, Switzerland to teach them yoga. Krishnamacharya sent two of his students, B. K. S. Iyengar and T. K. V. Desikachar, to teach them. In this way she took up the practice of yoga in her 50s. When they left Europe she no longer had a teacher, and had to develop her own practice. As this progressed, she developed a focus on breath, gravity and the spine.

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