Scaravelli Inspired Online Class, Zoom, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Scaravelli Inspired Online Class via Zoom

Stream yoga classes live into your home via your laptop, PC, mobile or tablet.  Join Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher Catherine Annis every week.


Due to the Corona Virus situation, I'm now teaching all my Scaravelli yoga classes via Zoom.

I am enormously grateful that wherever we are in the world, the internet enables us to maintain our connection and continue to breathe, move and practice together.  I look forward to seeing you in class again soon.

To view my online Scaravelli inspired online class timetable, please click on the link below.

Scaravelli Inspired Online Class, Zoom, Live, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Weekend

How to join your Scaravelli inspired online class via Zoom

I will be using Zoom, a free online platform to live stream my Scaravelli inspired online classes.  You will be able to connect directly to us from the comfort of your own home either through your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

It's easy to set up - please follow these simple instructions:

Download and create your free Zoom account.  Please do this well in advance to make sure audio and video are working.

We will send you a unique Zoom link at least an hour before the Scaravelli inspired online classes starts so you can register well ahead of the start time.  You will then receive an email confirming your place with a link to the workshop.  Follow the simple online instructions.  Please log in 10 - 15 minutes before the start of each workshop so we can begin on time.

How to join Zoom Cloud Meetings for online classes:

If you’ve never used Zoom before, please take the time to download the free Zoom app on whichever device you use for joining live classes (on iPads and smart phones it is 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' from the App store). On computers and laptops it is: Follow Zoom's simple instructions to set up your account.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Catherine is sensitive, intelligent and fun as a teacher. I love that the classes are constantly evolving, that she brings new discoveries/perspectives to the practice, so I feel I am on a continuous journey with(in) myself. I have had the privilege to learn from Catherine in person, on her Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course, but I must say her online classes are amazingly nourishing and accessible. Highly recommended!


Scaravelli inspired online class weekly timetable


Catherine's classes are always a journey of learning and imagination. I have learnt more about my practice and the practice of yoga in her classes than I have in any other class in years. A combination of authentic knowledge and deep understanding together with a sprinkle of humour makes every class unique. Highly recommended.


Scaravelli inspired online class weekly timetable


I'm so grateful for Catherine's online classes and workshops. Booking is easy and the video and audio quality is excellent. I love Catherine's classes because everything offered can be adapted to how I feel/what I'm able to do on the day, and Catherine's expert guidance means the subtle yet demanding practice always leads me to learn and discover something new about myself and my yoga practice.


Scaravelli inspired online class weekly timetable


Catherine is steeped in this little-known but powerful discipline of yoga and shares her knowledge with empathy and eloquence. Whether you are thinking of exploring yoga for the first time or wish to complement and deepen your existing practice, I urge you to discover one of Catherine's classes or workshops for yourself.


Scaravelli inspired online class weekly timetable


I really enjoy my weekly Yoga with Catherine. Her classes are accessible to all levels, clearly explained and are never the same. She is a kind, highly experienced teacher. I emerge feeling well stretched, relaxed and more at ease with the world!


Scaravelli inspired online class weekly timetable


Catherine's style of yoga is completely refreshing, it centers on inclusivity and comfort for all with a mindful, relaxed approach to the asanas. I highly recommend her classes.

Scaravelli inspired online class weekly timetable


Catherine is a wonderful teacher. Her vast and profound understanding of human anatomy leaves you wanting to know more about your body. She is sensitive and attentive, and her yoga teaching is clear and goes deep. It is always imaginative, joyful, and nourishing. Her classes have helped me to trust my body, to be curious, and to enjoy the pleasure of movement. Having learned from her in person on the Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course, I am so thankful that I can continue the amazing journey on which she encouraged me to embark in her online classes. I highly recommend you give it a go!

Scaravelli inspired online class weekly timetable

Scaravelli Inspired Online Class, Zoom, Live, Weekend, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

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