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Yoga in Exmoor

We've moved!  Finally, after 7.5 months of waiting, planning and hoping, we have moved.  Our new home is in a small valley in the middle of Exmoor, surrounding by trees, moors and overlooking the River Exe.

Our phone has been connected, broadband is linked up and the yoga studio is ready to go, so I look forward to seeing you again as usual from tomorrow!


Yoga in Exmoor via Zoom

Due to the Corona Virus situation, I'm now teaching all my Scaravelli inspired yoga classes online via Zoom.

I am enormously grateful that wherever we are in the world, the internet enables us to maintain our connection and continue to breathe, move and practice together.  I look forward to seeing you in class again soon.

Monday 10.30 class moves to Triyoga

Moving into Autumn, my Monday morning 10.30 class will be hosted by Triyoga from 21st September.  Everything stays the same, but all bookings are through their website.


Yoga Class Schedule

Regular Classes from 21st September

∗  Monday .... 18.30
∗  Wednesday .... 10.30
∗  Wednesday .... 18.30
∗  Friday .... 09.30
∗  Sunday .... 12.00

To view the complete yoga class schedule and to make any online booking, please click on the button below. Join us for some yoga in Exmoor.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I look forward to catching up with you all again tomorrow.

Much love,

Signature Catherine

What is Scaravelli Inspired Yoga?

The style of yoga Catherine teaches has been inspired by the pioneering approach of Vanda Scaravelli. This is a gentle yet demanding form of Hatha yoga, which focuses on developing core strength through releasing tension and creating length in the spine.

Scaravelli inspired yoga is a stress-free yoga that benefits everyone.  Classes are suitable for all ages and all levels, from beginners to those with many years of experience.  Regardless of your level of fitness, you will discover a longer, stronger and more flexible spine, a calmer mind, and begin to enjoy increased energy and ease of movement.

It uses the breath and gravity to allow the spine to unfold like a wave, allowing the uninhibited opening and energising of the whole body. As Vanda explains in the opening page of her book “Awakening the Spine”:

“There is a division in the centre of our back, where the spine moves simultaneously in two opposite directions: from the waist down towards the legs and the feet, which are pulled by gravity, and from the waist upwards, through the top of the head, lifting us up freely”.

Vanda’s teachings are miraculously simple. She encouraged her students to do less, feel more. To unwind, release unnecessary tension, and begin to simply be. “You must only undo. The more you undo, the more you are and the more things come to you. Don’t try to become; you are.”

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