Video Class 4: The subtle energy of Bhramari Breath 2 (66 mins)


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Yoga Class Video: The subtle energy of Bhramari Breath 2 (66 mins)

This yoga class is a variation on the first Bhramari Breath 1 class and explores the vibrations of Bhramari breath.

Bhramari breath simulates the sound of the big black Indian bumblebee, evoking a sense of sitting in the evening sun, listening to the bees visiting each flower head.  Vibrations travel through the body, creating connection and inviting introspection during practice.

This classical breathing practice has been shown to stimulate the flow of nitric oxide, a  vasodilator, which relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen, thereby increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure.  It’s also been shown to inhibit the replication cycle of viral infections, including Coronavirus


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