Scaravelli, Yoga, Immersion-Course, Catherine Annis, 2020

Scaravelli Yoga Immersion Course

Thank you to everyone who joined me for the Scaravelli Yoga Immersion again this year.  It’s amazing to continue to explore, play and delve deep into the practice – each year brings more opportunities to investigate our felt sense, enabling us to unpick what we are really doing in yoga, moving us closer to sensing how we are within our own skin, truly embodying our movement.

This year was another magical week looking at our myofascial connections, how the fabric of our body supports us and helps us move with elasticity, lightness and spring.  A special thank you to Gary Carter who joined us again to share with us his unique perspective and updating us with the latest developments in this field.

As ever, we focus on the feeling rather than the shape of the movements – this is all about personal research, getting to know our own patterns and exploring work which is truly accessible and nurturing.  We follow Vanda’s advice to be kind to our bodies, to allow time and gravity to guide our responses.

It all combines to create a week of fun, yoga and being which is a valuable resource for all of us who spend the rest of the year teaching and supporting others.  It gives us time to replenish our own stores of creativity, and to dive into the shared pool of knowledge we each bring.

This year we were blessed with visitors from Finland, US, France, London, the West Country and Spain.  Every day spent with each of you is special – walking across the downs after dinner in the evening is always a highlight, and this year I was full of admiration for those of you who braved the English Channel to swim!  It was wonderful to hear your shrieks of joy from across the icy water – I’m glad we took the photos as proof of your exploits.

Thanks to Electra and Anil for another evening of uplifting and heart warming Kirtan. Thank you to everyone for making this weekend so much fun, a big thanks especially to Roz, Derry and their team at Gayles for looking after us and providing such yummy food. Looking forward to doing all again in May 2020 for our next Scaravelli Yoga Immersion.

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