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Demystifying the Psoas

Join Catherine Annis on this BWY workshop which will be online via Zoom.

The psoas muscles are the deepest muscles in our body.  They are the link between our spine, diaphragm and legs and act as messengers between our inner selves and the outer world.  They are involved in almost every movement we make - walking, running and sitting and provide important pathways for neural messages.

Whilst they are extraordinarily sensitive and responsive, we often find it difficult to consciously feel them, or even know where they are within our bodies. When we’re tired, over-worked or emotional, they may become unbalanced and tense, potentially causing a wide range of symptoms including lower back pain, stress, postural imbalances and contributing to exhaustion and poor digestion.


Join this BWY workshop to understand more about these most emotional of muscles, and:

∗  Improve your understanding of the structure and role of the psoas in the body

∗  Discover the connection between the psoas and the breath

∗  Learn why you should never stretch your psoas and why it doesn’t need strengthening

∗  Find out how to soothe and release your psoas safely

∗  Let go of long held tensions which may help relieve lower back pain and improve your sense of well-being.

Date and Time

Scaravelli inspired yoga: BWY workshop - Demystifying the Psoas

July 17, 2021

Online via Zoom


Bookings for this BWY workshop are via the BWY website

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BWY Workshop, Online, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Psoas, Anatomy, 2021, 2022, Catherine Annis

About Catherine Annis

Catherine Annis is well known for her imaginative and practical approach to yoga.

Originally a professional dancer, she discovered yoga as a teenager, and has been practicing since the late 1970s.  Having explored Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga and various forms of Hatha yoga, she eventually gravitated to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. She developed Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training, an anatomy focused yoga teacher training course accredited by BWY.

Catherine’s practice and teaching focuses on deepening physical awareness and alignment to reveal the natural freedom of the body, particularly the spine.  She is an attentive and thoughtful teacher, and highly skilled at adapting poses to accommodate all levels and types of students, so that everyone leaves class feeling that they have made a fresh discovery about their yoga practice.  She is a member of the Triyoga teacher training faculty and teaches weekly online classes from her home in Exmoor.


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Take a look at Catherine's BWY accredited Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course which is supported by renowned yoga teachers Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter.

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