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British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Course

Here’s Michael – the latest of our recent yoga teacher training graduates.

Originally uncertain whether he wanted to teach, his online yoga classes have grown from strength to strength and nobody is more excited by how much his self-confidence has grown than him!

The arrival of Coronavirus meant we had to transition from in person classes to online, but the trainees have adapted brilliantly, learning a whole new set of skills to complete the course.

It’s wonderful to see Michael use his yoga practice as inspiration for his art, too.  For more on Michael, please visit our graduates page here.

Thank you Michael, we look forward to continuing to explore, work and practice together.


All the best,

Signature Catherine

British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Teacher Training Course

At Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (iytt), we’re passionate about creating a ground breaking course which acknowledges and celebrates the intelligence and adaptability of the human body.

Our aim is to provide a thought-provoking course, which actively encourages students to question current teaching methods and alignment cues.  During the course, we will encourage trainees to develop a deeper understanding of how they work with, and relate to, their bodies, and how to adapt that understanding to create new, healthier approaches to living and moving.

Our approach to yoga is driven by the most current scientific anatomical and movement research and we will work hard to help you develop into a skilful and responsive teacher, to nurture your approach and understanding of yoga through a consistent, mature and intelligent personal practice.

The course content will be practical and skills-based, and will facilitate a personal journey of exploration and discovery.   Material will be delivered in a variety of ways including formal lectures, guided practice and asana technique classes, group work, teaching practice and individual study and reading.


I trained to be a yoga teacher with Catherine Annis and have worked with Tanya Love; their yoga teaching is explorative, intelligent and has changed the way I approach my own yoga practice. This accredited teacher training offers an exciting faculty and I highly recommend working with them.


Catherine’s depth of knowledge and expertise shine through in her yoga teacher training as she guides you through new ways to experience asana and movement. Her feedback is always detailed, perceptive and encouraging, inspiring you by example to become a better teacher for yourself and your students.


I came to Catherine Annis from a vinyasa yoga background, & it continues to be my main practice; I found Catherine’s approach to yoga teaching invaluable in developing my relationship with my body & how I approach my students in class. She encouraged me to breakdown what I was asking students (& myself) to do in a pose, with a strong anatomical & alignment focus, thinking about the fundamental ways we move. This has given me a foundation for life with which I can now build my yoga teaching on & utilise in a range of yoga styles & classes -both in my own practice & in my teaching. I couldn’t recommend Catherine’s accredited teacher training course highly enough.


Studying to become a yoga teacher with Catherine Annis over the past 2 years has been a great experience & a true journey of mindful enquiry & exploration of asanas, anatomy and so much more. I really feel like I have the foundations laid to now kick off being a yoga teacher. I would definitely recommend this London based accredited teacher training to anybody.


Take this yoga teacher training and you will be in safe hands. Both Catherine Annis and Tanya Love are knowledgeable, insightful teachers who will unpick yoga for you so you can teach it your way. I would highly recommend!


Catherine Annis and Tanya Love have changed my approach to and experience of yoga, both as a practitioner and a soon-to-be qualified yoga teacher. Their focus on correct alignment and the detail of the body's experience of each pose has been eye opening. I've loved the Scaravelli approach too.

I highly recommend this accredited teacher training course.

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