Video Course 1: Yoga Immersion (7hrs 55mins)


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Yoga Course Video: Yoga Immersion (7hrs 55mins)

Developing Self Practice

Join Catherine Annis and Gary Carter on this yoga immersion to discover how moving with awareness and understanding can profoundly affect our mood, shifting anxiety and enriching our human experience.  Originally a 5 day residential immersion course, this is a condensation of key practices and learnings, designed to offer you insight into the power of developing your own practice.

Join us to:

  • Explore how our myofascial tissues respond and affect movement
  • Investigate how yoga soothes the nervous system
  • Learn simple takeaways to enhance and enrich your yoga practice
  • Experience a nourishing and expansive dive into simple and complex yoga practice with two leading teachers in the comfort of your own home


The Importance of Self Practice

As teachers, we can only teach from our own practice.  Our personal practice nurtures our teaching, providing energy and inspiration which sustains us as we teach and support our students.  The course is an opportunity for you to refine and refresh your own approach, helping us dive deep into our own understanding so that we can pass it on with skill and clarity.  On this immersion we’ll look at a different aspect or approach to practice, so that you leave with some fresh inspiration and answers to your specific questions.


This yoga immersion course is designed specifically for yoga teachersyoga teacher trainees and anyone with a serious interest in exploring their practice who would like to refine their practice and teaching.


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