Yoga Animals in the Forest, Christiane Kerr, Julia Green, Children, Book

Yoga Animals: In the Forest

by Christiane Kerr  (Author), Julia Green (Illustrator)

Yoga Animals in the Forest is filled with adorable artwork and simple, step-by-step guides. It's a charming introduction to yoga and mindfulness for children aged three and above. Guided by a narrative and written by a children’s yoga expert, this book is an ideal first yoga book for young children.

This book shows children a range of simple yoga poses and mindfulness techniques through a gentle narrative. A sluggish bear emerges from hibernation in a forest and seeks a way to energize, think clearly, stay calm, be positive, and finally relax before bedtime. As the bear goes about their day, they meet a variety of forest animals that show them how to achieve these states of mind through simple yoga poses, which are demonstrated in the artwork by the animals and explained in the text by a yoga expert.

Children are shown how to stretch, balance, reach and leap with Bear as they meet some forest friends who teach them how to boost their energy, stay calm and positive, and relax, using yoga.

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Author: Christiane Kerr

Illustrator: Julia Green

Publisher: Ivy Kids

Language: English

Reading Level: 3-5 years

Hardback Book: 32 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1782409991

ISBN-10: 1782409998

Product Dimensions: 34.5 x 1.2 x 23.5cm

Kindle Edition: 32 pages

File Size: 13530 KB

ASIN: B089H31F12



A great introduction to yoga for children (and novice adults too!). Lovely story and illustrations. Especially liked the Pose Benefit section at the end of the book.


Absolutely beautiful book, my little boy and I are thoroughly enjoying. He’s always loved doing yoga with me, and his joy for his practise has certainly increased since this little find arrived!


Gave as gifts to a 2 and 3 year old and we loved trying out chipmunk, bear and mouse! Great intro to yoga and mindfulness


I bought this book for my grandson who is four. He loved following the animals and copying the pose’s.

The instructions are very clear and fun to follow and the illustrations are delightful.
It was especially enjoyable to do the postures together, we had a bit of a laugh trying to balance!


Lovely illustrations and story. Especially like the separate box with clear step by step instructions of how to get into the different yoga poses.

I’ll be sure to do this at home with my son as well as in school with my EYFS class.

About the author Christiane Kerr

Christiane Kerr is a qualified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher, and writer and producer of audio relaxation CDs designed that help children develop a mindful, calm and creative approach to everyday challenges.   Christiane is also the founder of Calm for Kids: an organization that trains school teachers, yoga teachers and parents who want to teach yoga and mindfulness to children and young people.

Christiane Kerr is the author of 3 children's books, Yoga Animals Forest, Yoga Animals Seashore and Crab & Whale. She has also written and produced 8 audio relaxation CDs for children which have sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. They are now also available as MP3 downloads on her website,, and through the app store. She is a qualified mindfulness teacher and senior yoga teacher and founder of Calm for Kids. She trains schools teachers, yoga teachers and parent who want to bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to children and teens with online and in person courses and workshops.

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About the illustrator Julia Green

Julia Green is an illustrator from Boise, Idaho.  She loves furry animals, and they almost always find their way into her artwork. She has created artwork for projects ranging from album covers to patterns for rain boots. Her medium of choice is digital.

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