Yoga Workshop - The Life Centre, Islington : February 2019

Biotensegrity – The Elastic Support System

Have you ever wondered how we can shift rapidly into complex positions, crawl through small spaces, balance on fine wires, and perform dance movements with incredible grace and agility?  We’re able to move in so many varied ways because our structure is organised and supported by the opposing forces of biotensegrity.

Our physical structures are designed to spread the load of the body evenly, so that no one area is under unnecessary pressure or stress as we move around.

This creates balanced and equal forces which transfer between and across the interconnected fibres of muscle fascia and bone, reducing friction, and enabling subtle, fluid and sometimes explosive movement.  Our tissues store energy, so that when we need a sudden burst of power, they are ready to release into recoil, providing us with spring and the ability to run and jump.


Join Catherine for this afternoon session to learn:

  What biotensegrity is, and how it affects us in yoga

  Why we need compression and tension and how they work together to create harmony and balance

  How tensegrity helps give us structural integrity

  New approaches to exploring your yoga practice

  How to benefit from an understanding of tensegrity in your yoga practice

In yoga, we’re constantly looking for balance.  Balance between effort and ease, expansion and gathering, tension and compression.  Balancing these opposing forces helps us feel light, spacious and stress-free in our postures, as if we are in flow with the forces of gravity.

Fascia has become buzzwords in yoga and bodywork and our increasing understanding is helping to revolutionize our understanding of how we move.  We’re beginning to throw away the old paradigms and move towards a new fluid approach to movement practice.


Founded in Notting Hill 1993, The Life Centre is one of London’s oldest centres dedicated to yoga, Pilates and therapies. The Life Centre is a friendly haven, where yoga, Pilates and natural therapies inspire well-being in the London community of Notting Hill and Islington.

At The Life Centre, you will be welcomed with a smile, and, after a few visits, probably greeted by name. They pride themselves on employing friendly and knowledgeable staff with the experience to answer your questions about yoga, Pilates and therapies. They also believe that there is a yoga path for everyone : female or male, young or old, stiff or bendy

Getting There


Nearest train stations:

TUBE:  Angel (Northern Line)
TUBE:  Highbury & Islington (Victoria)
TUBE:  Essex Road (Great Northern)

TRAIN:  Highbury & Islington


Please check Transport for London for up to the minute travel information.



The Life Centre is served by bus routes

43, 263, 271 & 393
38, 56, 73, 341 & 476
19, 30 & 38


The Life Centre
1Brittania Row
N1 8QH

020 7704 0919

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