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Why your office needs mindfulness

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What is mindfulness? And why does your office need it?

Article: Mindfulness by G.Doke

Use it to replace personal negativity, team in-fighting or the feared office manager approach.

In the modern office environment of instant information, immediate reaction, and 24/7 availability, it can be difficult to achieve any kind of mental balance – to deal with tricky situations or to tune out distractions.

But there is something that could help. Mindfulness is the practice of deliberately focusing on the here and now – placing yourself in the present moment to increase awareness and clarity. In the UK, the NHS and Transport for London are just two organisations that have already introduced mindfulness meditation in the workplace. Here are three ways a focus on mindfulness can impact the corporate environment.”

In this “always on” culture, it has become increasingly difficult to switch off. This means that employers are now far more obliged to make sure that their employees’ health and well-being is maintained.

With mindfulness meditation in the workplace, employees can enjoy a restful and calming 10 minutes in their otherwise stressful and busy day. It gives them the opportunity to let go of any stress and anxiety that they were experiencing and gain a considered perspective on their own work, before returning to their responsibilities with a more positive and productive outlook.

A lot of people claim that they work best under pressure, and managers often feel that they get the best from their team by being aggressively demanding. However, neuroscientific research has now shown this to be far from true. Stress, pressure, aggression – all of these produce a reaction in our brains which is part of the “fight, flight or freeze” response. The part of our brain known as the sympathetic nervous system shoots off a signal and, depending on the intensity of the reaction, individuals will display shades of anxiety or aggression.

Far from operating better under pressure, the heightened emotional arousal means that many won’t actually be thinking particularly straight. Mindfulness meditation can help counter this. Practice can improve general calmness, and reduce the activity of the “flight, fright or freeze” part of the brain – it means we can think more clearly.

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