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Throughout the year, Catherine will be running online yoga workshops, immersions and courses via zoom.  These yoga sessions will all be recorded.

For those who couldn't attend, there is the option to purchase video copies of these yoga sessions.

We will continue to add videos (MP4 format for high definition display) as they become available.

Vagus Nerve, Scaravelli Inspired Workshop, Demystify, Catherine Annis Yoga

Demystifying The Vagus Nerve

Have you ever wondered what the Vagus nerve is and why it’s so important?

Playing a fundamental role in the parasympathetic nervous system, the so-called “wandering nerve” is responsible for our rest and digest capacities, and when stimulated, produces a calming and soothing force in our bodies

Read the full description of this workshop by clicking here.

Video time: 2 hours 37 minutes

Video number: Vagus-1

Scaravelli Inspired, Immersion, Catherine Annis Yoga, Gary Carter, 2020, video


Discover how moving with awareness and understanding can profoundly affect our mood, shifting anxiety and enriching our human experience.

Originally a 5 day residential immersion course, this is a condensation of key practices and learnings, designed to offer you insight into the power of developing your own practice.

Read the full description of this 3 day immersion by clicking here.

Video time:  7 hours 55 minutes

Video number: Immersion-1

Head, Neck, Shoulders, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Workshop, Catherine Annis, Exmoor, Somerset

Release your Head, Neck & Shoulders

Do you have a tight neck and shoulders?
A stiff upper back?
Tension headaches?

With desk-bound jobs, urgent deadlines and our current addiction to smartphones, it’s no wonder!  Join Catherine to give your shoulders and upper back a sensory treat, let go of deep seated tensions and experience space and freedom in this overused area of the body.

Read the full description of this workshop by clicking here.

Video time: 1 hour 54 minutes

Video number: Head_Neck_Shoulders-1

We will send you a unique link to download your chosen video onto your own device.  Your unique link will remain open for 14 days, allowing you to download and view the material at your own leisure and in the comfort of your own home.

On-line Scaravelli inspired yoga classes
via Movement for Modern Life

I am really proud to be part of Movement For Modern Life (MFML), a revolutionary online yoga website featuring yoga videos from some of the best teachers from the UK and beyond.

I have already completed a range of videos offering both classes and tutorials and have an ongoing filming schedule, so there really is something for everyone on the site.  One of the things I most value about working with MFML is that it provides a valuable resource which is available for everyone, at any time.  If you need to stay at home or live too far to travel to good classes, you can drop in here at any time and find a video to suit you.  And the best bit is you don't even have to get dressed!  You can join me on your mat in the living room in your PJs if that works.

If you have any requests for specific classes in my next filming session, or if you have any questions about any of the existing videos, please do get in touch below, or through the MFML Movers page on Facebook.

You can browse my full video library of classes and asana tutorials and sign up for your free 14 day trial to receive full access.

Here are some previews of my videos on Movement For Modern Life and you can click the links below to access the full content.

Unwind & De-clutter

A simple, Scaravelli inspired yoga class which teaches us how yoga can help to empty us. This class is perfect if you're feeling busy, anxious or overwhelmed. Just as we create space and de-clutter our house, it's also useful to de-clutter our minds and bodies as you move towards stillness. This class is almost entirely supine, working with bridge position - just exploring the space in the pelvis, the spine and the shoulders, and stretching hamstrings, then we move into standing postures . You will need a strap and a blanket.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Gentle Yoga for Travel

This all-levels, gentle yoga class is perfect class to relax and ground you, whilst gently mobilsing your joints to help you to recover from travel and is wonderful for sorting the body and mind to help combat the effects of jet lag, but the class is also a perfect antidote for any long periods of sitting, and when you just need deep nourishment. Perfect if you’ve travelled, or if you’ve had a long day at a desk, this class stretches your spine and hips, decompressing your lower back, stretching your hamstrings, You will need a bolster and access to a chair or any furniture you can put your feet on!

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Half Moon Pose Tutorial

A tutorial on the yoga pose Half Moon Pose (or Ardha Chandrasana). This class uncovers a few alignment details you might look at to prepare for and go into this standing balancing pose.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Pelvic Balance Workshop

A workshop yoga class to allow you to deepen your practice, your knowledge and to increase your body awareness. This class focuses on finding balance in the hip and pelvic area. Not so much a movement yoga class, more an exercise in developing sensitivity to, and finding balance and stability in your pelvis, hips and sacrum with very subtle, small movements and exercises in weight distribution.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Tree Pose Tutorial

A tutorial on the yoga pose Tree Pose (Vrksasana). Find more balance, more ease and better alignment in your Tree Pose in this short tutorial.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Lengthening the Spine

Walk taller with this work-shop style yoga class with focus on the spine and how to lengthen the spine in our yoga practice. There is a division at the back of the waist - from this point the spine lengthens down towards our tail and feet, helping us feel grounded and balanced. When the body finds this connection, we are free to experience lightness rising up into the upper body. Our movements become more free and spacious. Discover the magical key to balance at our gravitational centre, and wake up your spine to wake up your body! Showing how to practice with real length in the spine in our everyday yoga poses. You will need a strap.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Demystifying the Psoas Muscle

The psoas muscles are among the deepest muscles in our bodies. They are involved in almost every movement - from walking and running to sitting, and throughout our yoga practice. However, we often find it difficult to consciously feel them, or even know where they are within us. Join this class to learn where they are and some simple approaches to help with accessing this key area, and give it time and space to release. Working the Psoas be helpful for those with lower back pain, or who are feeling tired and lacking in energy. You will need a bolster and a belt.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Wake Up your Feet

Our feet are our connection to the earth – they are our roots. We rely on them for balance and for carrying us from place to place, and yet they are often overlooked and underappreciated. During this Scaravelli yoga workshop, give them some love – explore how to release tight joints to reveal softer, more responsive feet, that elevate even the most simple yoga poses into an almost magical experience. Begin to open from the ground up; stretch and expand through your feet and see how, by waking your feet, you wake up your whole being! You will need a strap which is tied to help a toe-stretch.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Release your Shoulders & Upper Back

We all love a good shoulder massage. Join this workshop-style Scaravelli class to focus on creating more awareness in your upper back and shoulder area. Learn to relax the arms, let go of the shoulders, and find some more space and ease in your upper spine. You will need a bolster, two blocks and a strap.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

The Intelligence of the Shoulder Blade
(Live at the Yoga Garden Party)

Find your body's inner intelligence. Explore the relationship between the shoulders, arms, ribs, upper spine and the breath. Learn how to soften through gentle, deliberate and focused subtle action. A subtle exploration into the shoulder socket. You may need a foam block. None of the movements made in this class are difficult, but the subtle movements are profound and can change the way you use your body in everyday life.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

Release a tight Neck & Shoulders

A gentle class to release neck and shoulders. Perfect to take a short break during the day whilst at work to release any build up of tension.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

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I'll do my best to accommodate requests wherever possible.

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