2024 01 01: Workshop – Demystifying the Vagus Nerve (Jan 1, 2024)


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Workshop – Demystifying the Vagus Nerve
New Years Day, January 1, 2024

  • Have you ever wondered what the Vagus Nerve is and why it’s so important?
  • What is the Vagus nerve and why is it revolutionising medicine?

Playing a fundamental role in the parasympathetic nervous system, vagus – the “wandering nerve” – is the longest in our bodies.  It’s responsible for our rest and digest capacities and when stimulated, produces a calming and soothing force which is used to treat conditions from inflammation to migraine. The vagus nerve helps your body exit its fight-or-flight mode.

Join Catherine Annis for this yoga workshop to explore how we can access the natural power of the vagus nerve to:

∗  down-regulate and soothe our nervous system
∗  reduce inflammation
∗  lower heart rate
∗  reduce anxiety
∗  lower blood pressure
∗  improve our relationships by increasing our sense of trust, compassion, acceptance and connection

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