Video Workshop_15: Demystifying the Vagus Nerve (2hr 29mins)


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Yoga Workshop Video: Demystifying the Vagus Nerve

Join Catherine for this workshop to learn about the vagus nerve and how it affects our stress and energy levels.

Together, we’ll discover how vagus influences our ability to relax and stimulates our capacity to rest and digest.  We’ll look at how increased vagal tone supports our resilience, supporting our ability to transition from sympathetic response (i.e. fight / flight / freeze / fawn), to the calm and sociable state of the parasympathetic.

Also included is an overview of how we can use its natural power to treat conditions as diverse as trauma, inflammation and migraine.


Join us on this Vagus workshop to:

  • learn more about the natural power of the Vagus nerve
  • explore Stephen Porges polyvagal theory and how it relates to our lived experience
  • learn simple techniques to down-regulate and soothe our nervous system

We’ll also investigate how improved vagal tone works to:

  • reduce inflammation
  • boost energy levels
  • lower blood pressure & heart rate
  • improve sleep
  • alleviate stress & anxiety
  • enhance our ability to connect through social interactions
  • improve our relationships through developing our capacity to trust and experience compassion

Throughout the workshop, we’ll explore a range of simple techniques that can be practiced anywhere to stimulate vagal tone and  help us unwind and release unnecessary tension.  The workshop will look at the science and latest findings before moving on to explore how to balance the sense of relaxation and letting go by generating a sense of stability and containment, working to centre and strengthen our physical and emotional selves.

Delivered in a practical, accessible style, these workshops are not to be missed.

Suitable for all.


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