Video Workshop 7: Silence in an Age of Noise (1hr 58mins)


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Yoga Workshop Video: Silence in an Age of Noise (1hr 58mins)

Is it an absence of sound or a sense of inner quiet? Why is it important for mental health?  We live in an age of noise and distraction, where we are bombarded by choices and interruptions, few of which involve the state of being alone, or quiet.  Yet, science confirms that our brains thrive on silence.  We feel happier when we experience quiet and periods of calm stimulate brain growth and relieve tension, resulting in improved well-being and better sleep.

Join me for this practical workshop to explore the value of turning down the volume and experience the powerful impact of silence.  We’ll explore how silence affects us, how it boosts our creativity, our ability to focus and stimulates mindfulness.  Leave with a sense of how incorporating small amounts of quiet into our lives reduces stress, enriches our relationships and improves our health.


Delivered in a practical, accessible style, these workshops are not to be missed.

Suitable for all.


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