Video Making Connections 2: Exploring the Side Body (2hr 28mins)


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Yoga Video: Making Connections 2 – Exploring the Side Body (2hr 28mins)

This is the second instalment in our Making Connections series of masterclasses, which are an opportunity to unpick our practice in the light of the most recent understandings of our myofascial connections.

In Making Connections Chapter 2, we examine how the sides of our bodies connect into and relate to our lungs, hips, arms, shoulders head and even feet.  We’ll explore how we can use this knowledge to enhance our teaching and practice.

Whether you’re a teacher in training, a serious student or starting out on your yoga journey, these explorations are created to support you as you develop informed, accessible and sensitive approaches to practice.  Delivered in a practical, accessible style, these workshops are not to be missed.


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