Video Class 7: Threads of Movement 2 (61 mins)


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Yoga Class Video: Threads of Movement 2 (61 mins)

Continuing the themes of Threads of Movement 1,  here we explore again the alchemy of dropping into our conscious awareness of ourselves and how that affects our state of mind and state of being.

As we work thoughtfully and delicately, our tissues settle and we may experience a sense of softening.  The ancient yogis remind us that we are all born in a state of love, with peace and joy at our core which can be disrupted by our cultural and social conditioning, which interrupt our ability to drop into our original essence.  This class is an invitation to explore our ability to revisit this original state of quiet, working through the fibres of our muscles to sense how the threads of movement affect us and have the potential to return us to a state of balance and equanimity.


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