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Scaravelli Yoga Immersion Course

Thank you to everyone who joined me for our annual Scaravelli Yoga Immersion course for another amazing week of exploration and depth in yoga practice.

Or, as one attendee explained it: “A profound, hilarious and uplifting week of deep expansive honest ridiculousness”.

This year, we focused specifically on our experience and understanding of the fascia, and its role as structural support. We explored how it supports our bodies, and brings a sense of elasticity, lightness and spring into our movements.

Gary Carter joined us again, giving us his unique perspective on the body and updating us with the latest developments in this field. The course was fully residential, and offered an exclusive opportunity to immerse ourselves in yoga originally inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli.

During our time together, we dived into this transformational approach to yoga, and discovered new ways of bringing it into our regular practice. We explored subtle aspects of the work, taking time to reveal a more profound and personal understanding of our bodies and, ultimately, ourselves.

It was truly beautiful to share time with all of you, from whichever corner of the world, you came – Australia, Canada, Austria, Cornwall, Wales and London – we shared, we laughed, and we yoga-ed.

A special thanks to Gary Carter, our guest teacher who joined us and shared his knowledge and wisdom, including the latest discoveries from the world of fascia. Thanks to Electra and Anil for another evening of uplifting and heart warming Kirtan.  Thank you to everyone for making this Scaravelli Yoga Immersion course weekend so much fun, and a big thanks to Roz, Derry and their team for the yummy food.

Can’t wait to do it all again next year, 21-26th May 2019. Bookings for this Scaravelli Yoga Immersion course have already begun, so sign up quickly to bag your spot.

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