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Due to the Corona Virus situation, I'm now teaching all my Scaravelli yoga classes online via Zoom.

I am enormously grateful that wherever we are in the world, the internet enables us to maintain our connection and continue to breathe, move and practice together.  I look forward to seeing you in class again soon.


"This was my first attempt at online yoga and I booked it with some trepidation. But it was great, and Catherine was excellent. Her online cues were excellent and there was still a sense of connection. There was a sense of being with her and that really surprised me.

I will be booking another Zoom online yoga session."



"Just writing to say thank you for the lovely lunchtime online yoga session. I really enjoyed the time away from the day to day stress of my role on health and social care. Finding some special time and enjoying your teaching was such a joy.

Thank you."



"It was such a sense of community - it provided strength, safety, continuity and hope in times of immense challenge. Catherine used all her senses and skill to bring us into a shared virtual space - where we could practice yoga alone but feel connected.

Thank you."



"Thank you Catherine. Wonderful online Scaravelli yoga class via Zoom. It makes all the difference to my day!

See you again soon."



"Thank you Catherine, that was a beautiful online yoga class. Will try and get another class in before I get drawn into the real-world next week."



"I've missed your Scaravelli yoga classes since moving to Australia.  Your Zoom online classes are a revelation to me as I am once again able to benefit from your great teaching.  Thank you so much."


Online yoga sessions create a more relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.  In the comfort of your own home there is no need to rush to get ready for the outside world.  Join me on your laptop, tablet or phone.

If you'd like to join one of my weekly Scaravelli yoga classes, please see the full schedule of online sessions by clicking on the following link button.

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