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On-line Scaravelli yoga class

I am really proud to be part of Movement For Modern Life (MFML), a revolutionary  website featuring on-line yoga class videos from some of the best teachers from the UK and beyond.

I have already completed a range of Scaravelli yoga class and tutorial videos and have an ongoing filming schedule, so there really is something for everyone on the site.  One of the things I most value about working with MFML is that it provides a valuable resource which is available for everyone, at any time.  If you need to stay at home or live too far to travel to good classes, you can drop in here at any time and find a video to suit you.  And the best bit is you don't even have to get dressed!  You can join me on your mat in the living room in your PJs if that works.

If you have any requests for specific Scaravelli yoga class in my next filming session, or if you have any questions about any of the existing videos, please do get in touch below, or through the MFML Movers page on Facebook.

You can browse my full video library of classes and asana tutorials and sign up for your free 14 day trial to receive full access.

The Intelligence of the Shoulder Blade

Preview Video
The Intelligence of the Shoulder Blade
(Live at the Yoga Garden Party)

Find your body's inner intelligence. Explore the relationship between the shoulders, arms, ribs, upper spine and the breath. Learn how to soften through gentle, deliberate and focused subtle action. A subtle exploration into the shoulder socket. You may need a foam block. None of the movements made in this class are difficult, but the subtle movements are profound and can change the way you use your body in everyday life.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

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