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Pregnancy yoga + hypnobreathing immersion course

Lolly Stirk. Pregnancy, Yoga, Hypnobreathing, course, triyoga, Soho, London. Annabel Hargrave, June, 2019

Pregnancy yoga + hypnobreathing immersion
with Lolly Stirk & Annabel Hargrave

This workshop provides an opportunity for yoga teachers, trainee teachers and pregnancy teachers to deepen their knowledge of yoga and pregnancy, and further their ability to communicate the power of yoga to pregnant women.

The work takes a dynamic approach to the breath, and introduces ‘hypnobreathing’, an innovative way into the pregnant bodymind, and a powerful guide through the process of labour and birth.

This workshop will show you how to lead pregnant women into a primordial sea of consciousness, lowering adrenaline levels and encouraging the endorphin release that eradicates fear and creates trust. The approach moves beyond conventional group work and taps women into the state most conducive for a healthy pregnancy and prepares them for labour and birth.

You will learn how to teach in a way that is perfectly designed for the pregnant body on every level. You will learn how to introduce childbirth education into your classes, including combining gravity assisted positions with subliminal and subtle suggestions as women tune into their own instinctive movement.

You will look at the dynamic anatomy and physiology of the pelvis and pelvic floor, learning how to work with and manage pelvic girdle pain and how to improve the strength and balance in this area.

The workshop will include:

∗  Teaching varying stages of pregnancy within the same group.

∗  How to identify and address some of the complaints commonly found in pregnancy.

∗  How to create a forum for information.

∗  The principles and practice of working with rather than against the body.

∗  The potential of fine tuning – tapping into instinctive movement.

∗  Dream states while being awake.

∗  Learning how to ride the waves of labour and birth.

∗  How pregnancy can reveal the true depth and sensitivity of yoga.

June 1-2, 2019
9:00 – 17:30
Triyoga, Soho, London

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