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London Yoga Teacher Training
British Wheel of Yoga (BWY)

Are you looking for a London yoga teacher training course?  Then check out Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (iytt) to learn more.

The team, including Catherine Annis, Tanya Love, Gary Carter, Peter Blackaby, Neville Cregan and Jody Barber have a combined yoga expereince in excess of 200 years - so you know you'll be in safe hands.

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I can't recommend this yoga training enough. The teachers are extremely generous with their knowledge and very supportive. They really encourage us to celebrate our individuality and creativity as yoga teachers (within a safe framework grounded in the latest anatomy research) and are not interested in churning out 'robotic' yoga teachers who teach by rote or teach set sequences. The students I have started to teach have responded really positively to this approach.

Dana Andrew


To be on Catherine and Tanya’s Yoga Teacher Training course will stand any student in the best stead for teaching safely, effectively, with creativity, curiosity, grace and intelligence. I loved Catherine’s and Tanya’s yoga teaching from the moment I stepped into their classes and later on, as a student on their teacher training course in London. Their passion, seriousness, non-judgement, flexibility, ability to provide clarity on complex body systems and movement, their knowledge base which is as deep as it is wide, sensitivity and awareness of all aspects of body work and yoga makes them two of the strongest, most caring spirits to learn from.

Gary Carter and Peter Blackaby are at the forefront of the yoga world and together, the four of them make an unrivalled team. There are an overwhelming number of trainings out there, all offering different things. If you want one that gives the soundest foundation for yoga teaching, that develops and nurtures you, that allows you to become deeply engaged and connected to yoga and your own practice and that sets you up to teach confidentially with awareness of yoga’s therapeutic elements then this is likely to be the yoga teacher training course for you.

I am envious of anyone embarking on this journey with them; it will be wholly unique, wholly safe and containing, wholly inspiring and mind-expanding too. If I had not already completed my teacher training with them as my guides this is the one I would be going for.

Imogen Clare


I would highly recommend this London Yoga Teacher Training course. Catherine and Tanya are two of the most inspirational and knowledgeable teachers I know and they have developed an excellent course. I did my teacher training a few years ago and would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about becoming a teacher.

Helen Pomeroy


The teachers on this yoga teacher training are a force to be reckoned with. As a male student approaching the subtleties of Scaravelli inspired yoga, I really resonated with the down to earth and direct training of both Catherine and Tanya. As for Gary Carter and Peter Blackaby, s anatomy training was the cherry on the cake (life changing teaching).

Luke Young


Catherine Annis is an inspiring teacher with an immensely deep understanding of the inner workings of the body. As a recent yoga teacher trainee with Catherine, I am so thankful to have had such an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Catherine both guides her students and shares her knowledge while encouraging self-exploration and discovery. By doing so, I feel I have gained a deeper awareness of my own body and better understanding of how beautifully connected the body is. I cannot thank Catherine enough for her continuous support and encouragement and for teaching me an invaluable lesson, to respect my body by being present and listening to my body's needs. Anyone wanting an intelligent approach to yoga, this is definitely the yoga teaching training course for you!!! You will gain a solid foundation whilst learning to inquire and observe, so that your teaching comes from an informed place. I regularly attend Tanya's classes and can honestly say, together with Catherine, their passion and knowledge for yoga is truly an inspiration. If you're looking for a non-dogmatic approach, in a friendly environment that is supportive, nurturing and non-judgemental.....then join Catherine and Tanya in London on their yoga teacher training course for a life changing experience!

Celia Tsirpis


I thought I bumped into Catherine by accident. I was ready to do my yoga teacher training course and hers was the London course that was available at the time that suited me.

Over the last two years Catherine’s teaching has transformed my yoga practice. As a person on Indian heritage I had actively distanced myself from Yoga- too much choreography, too much lycra, cultural appropriation etc etc.  Learning with Catherine has been a process in homecoming.  Along with Catherine’s kind, thorough and focused approach to teaching Yoga, it allowed me the space to explore and reclaim yoga for myself.

I found the yoga teacher training course that made perfect sense for me in more ways than one.  As a recent teacher trainee of Catherine I would strongly recommend her London based yoga teacher training course she is offering.

Swati Pande

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