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Kensington private yoga one to one lessons with Catherine Annis is an ideal way to explore, develop & understand your own personal yoga practice.

Catherine has been practising yoga since the mid 1970's so you know you'll be in safe hands.

Private Yoga Lessons

Yoga can offer incredible benefits, including stress relief, increased strength & flexibility, and inner peace, but public classes aren’t right for everyone. Many people benefit from customised private instruction in yoga. How do you know whether private lessons are right for you?


Private yoga lessons are ideal if you:

∗  have a busy schedule

∗  prefer individual attention

∗  are new to yoga

∗  need help recovering from an injury or illness

∗  want a breakthrough into a new area of your practice

∗  want to breakdown the mechanics of a particular pose

∗  need more balance in your life


Personalised yoga instruction is tailored to your body and your needs.

Unlike public classes, a private yoga lesson can easily be changed to meet you where you are on that particular day.

Treat yourself to a private lesson.

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