Wellbeing, Your Way
an approach to restoring balance and wellness

If you’re feeling anxious, overtired, overworked or stressed, join us to restore space, calm and relaxation to your daily life.

Wellbeing, Your Way is all about how to enhance your quality of being.  We explore how to incorporate simple nervous system hacks to rewire your system and restore a sense of calm and contentment.  We’ll focus on developing your own individual recipe for wellness, focused on discovering a range of techniques you can use any time, any place, that you know will work for you.

When we’re feeling stressed or anxious, we don’t always know how to flip the switch and down-regulate our overactive nervous system. Stress manifests in the body and affects our focus, sleeping  and immune systems, making us more susceptible to high blood pressure, heart attacks,  inflammatory conditions and likely to snap at those close to us.

Wellbeing, Your Way:

* A science-based balance of theory and practice helps you develop more equilibrium in your life

* Builds confidence and calm when confronted with day-to-day challenges

* Supports you as you create a bespoke range of techniques that you can draw upon when you need

* Somatic movement practices to create a sense of grounding, safety and stability

* Mindful and embodied approaches that reliably turn down the volume on your overactive nervous system

* Helps you create space and time and build resilience

* Breathwork practices to stimulate vagal tone and promote deep rest and relaxation

* Each session includes a full hour of somatic movement and yoga, designed to encourage you to absorb and integrate the focus that week

Join us to restore harmony and a balanced sense of personal wellness

Wellbeing, your Way
is suitable for you if:

You're living with ME or CFS, Long COVID, stress, long term anxiety and overwhelm, if you're offering end of life care, are bereaved or managing trauma, you feel overtired or overworked, or if you don’t have enough time for yourself.

Wellbeing, Your Way Schedule

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of this work, these sessions will not be recorded.  


First Wednesday Session - Holding Space
6.00 - 8.00 pm

  • Exploring our perception of wellness and wellbeing
  • Understanding energy levels
  • Identifying potential barriers to self-care
  • Somatic based yoga practice focusing on embodying choice and personal agency


Second Wednesday Session - ANS and the Vagus Nerve
6.00 - 8.00 pm

  • Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), Vagus nerve and vagal braking
  • Breath practices to restore calm, confidence and inner quiet
  • The value of touch in as we emerge from COVID  
  • Somatic based yoga practice based on breathing practices to stimulate vagal tone


Third Wednesday Session - Language, Embodiment and learning from pain science
6.00 - 8.00 pm

  • Understanding the importance of our primary relationship - with our bodies
  • The power of words and importance of noticing how we speak to ourselves and others
  • Learning lessons from pain science
  • Simple nervous system hacks for balance and down-regulation
  • Somatic practice embodying gentle movement and developing a compassionate inner voice


Fourth Wednesday Session - Creating a Personal Toolkit and understanding boundaries
6.00 - 8.00 pm

  • Revisiting energy levels
  • Understanding healthy boundaries
  • Identifying our personal strategies for creating resilience and balance
  • Setting triggers for creating positive change
  • Restorative yoga practice, focusing on exploring space, breath and ease

Dates & Prices

Please note:

None of these sessions is intended to replace psychotherapy.  If you feel triggered, or unusually anxious, or are dealing with acute PTSD, it’s important to have support systems in place.  We may move into delicate areas and will do our best to support you, but we cannot take the place of good psychotherapeutic support.  If you are looking for a therapist, we may be able to offer suggestions.


About Catherine Annis

Catherine has practiced physical movement in some form since the age of six, when she began ballet and dance.  In her early teens, she was introduced to yoga and learned the Indian philosophical concept of “sunyatta”, a meditative technique to empty the mind.  Whilst she loved the feeling of moving in yoga, she found the strength of the practice was amplified by the stilling of thought, which dissolved her anxiety and left her with a sense of space and ease.

She subsequently explored many different approaches to yoga until discovering John Stirk, who taught a form inspired by Vanda Scaravelli.  In these subtle and profound classes, she found that the connection between  breath, mindfulness and embodied movement create a sense of deep inner joy and wellbeing.  This connection has been her focus throughout her yoga practice and teaching and is the inspiration behind the creation of Wellbeing, Yoga Way.

How to join live streaming courses via Zoom

I will be using Zoom, a free online platform to live stream this workshop.  You will be able to connect directly to us from the comfort of your own home either through your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

It's easy to set up - please follow these simple instructions:

Download and create your free Zoom account.  Please do this well in advance to make sure audio and video are working.

We will send you a unique Zoom link at least an hour before the workshop starts so you can register well ahead of the start time.  You will then receive an email confirming your place with a link to the workshop.  Follow the simple online instructions.  Please log in 10 - 15 minutes before the start of each workshop so we can begin on time.

How to join Zoom Cloud Meetings for online classes:

If you’ve never used Zoom before, please take the time to download the free Zoom app on whichever device you use for joining live classes (on iPads and smart phones it is 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' from the App store). On computers and laptops it is: zoom.us. Follow Zoom's simple instructions to set up your account.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.  We will always be at hand if you encounter any problems or difficulties when logging into the workshop through the Zoom portal.

Have you ever thought about becoming a qualified yoga teacher?

Take a look at Catherine's BWY accredited Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course with renowned guest yoga and anatomy teacher, Gary Carter.

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