London Yoga Teacher Training Diploma 300hr (BWY certified)

London Yoga Teacher Training

British Wheel of Yoga Accredited

Are you looking for a new perspective on yoga teacher training?

At Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (iytt), we’re passionate about creating a ground breaking course which acknowledges and celebrates the intelligence and adaptability of the human body.

Our aim is to provide a thought-provoking course content, which actively encourages trainees to question current teaching methods and alignment cues.  During the course, we will encourage you to develop a deeper understanding of how you work with, and relate to, your body and how to adapt that understanding to create new, healthier approaches to living and moving.

Our approach to yoga is driven by the most current scientific anatomical and movement research and we hope to produce intelligent, skilful and responsive teachers, who nurture their practice and teaching of yoga through a consistent and mature personal practice.

The course content will be practical and skills-based, facilitating a personal journey of exploration and discovery.   Material will be delivered in a variety of ways including formal lectures, guided practice and asana technique classes, group work, teaching practice and individual study and reading, both online and in-person.

Reasons to choose iytt

∗  Small group - only 18 trainees - gives you the attention you deserve

∗  Immersive environment – each module is 4/5 days long, giving you time to absorb and reflect on your learning

∗  Non-dogmatic approach – the practice includes influences from somatics, Feldenkrais & functional movement and we actively encourage questions and curiosity

∗  Online and in-person training - via Zoom and also from our Central London location, Belgravia

∗  Recognised and accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals

∗  With our world renowned teaching team, we believe iytt offers you one of the most comprehensive groundings in anatomy of any teacher training diploma in the UK


Why is iytt different?

∗  We’re interested in developing a new approach to teaching yoga, which is built on a solid understanding of the fundamental workings of the body and an appreciation of its natural intelligence

∗  We will focus on developing your teaching skills, so that you emerge with strong, confident teaching skills and become a skilful and responsive teacher

∗  Our approach is based on the latest findings on fascia and movement science, and we’ll help you discover ways of incorporating this knowledge into your teaching

∗  We’re more interested in exploring the process of movement and in encouraging each individual to develop their own felt sense than in making traditional yoga shapes. Our classes are therefore accessible for a wide range of bodies and abilities and offer a safe space within which we can all play, sense and grow.


London Yoga Teacher training, course, BWY accredited, Catherine Annis, Peter Blackaby, Gary Carter, UK

Our London yoga teacher training team has over 200 years of combined yoga practice. With all this knowledge, wisdom and experience, you'll be in safe hands.


Peter Blackaby – Functional Anatomy

Pete has 30-plus years' experience as a yoga teacher and trainer, and is trained as an osteopath. A teacher of supreme clarity, he is the author of our key text, Intelligent Yoga. Peter and joins us to teach functional anatomy, help us examine our practice, and help us distill the essence of why we do what we do in yoga.


Gary Carter – Myofascial Connections

Gary has been teaching and practicing yoga and other movement practices for over 25 years. What he doesn't know about yoga and the body simply isn't worth thinking about. We're delighted to welcome him to share his understanding and expertise about anatomy, particularly in relation to our understanding of the fascia and connective tissues.


Catherine Annis – Course Leader and Core Teacher

Originally a professional dancer, Catherine has been practicing for almost 40 years, and teaching since 2004. She's been teaching yoga teachers for the last 6 years at Triyoga, and is responsible for creating the iytt. She is your core yoga trainer and mentor.


Neville Cregan – Philosophy

Nev is interested in cultural appropriation and exploring whether modern Western scientific knowledge is changing our approach to yoga. He's a yoga teacher and massage therapist too, and will be helping us delve into the mysteries of yoga philosophy through his down-to-earth and accessible approach.


Jody Barber – Introduction to Anatomy

Jody is a Chartered Physiotherapist of 26 years with a special interest in treating people with a neurological diagnosis.  She'll be introducing us to anatomy basics, so you're sure to understand your asana from your elbow.

Phoebe Taylor

TT graduate

“Catherine has changed my approach and experience of yoga, both as a practitioner and a soon-to-be qualified teacher. Their focus on correct alignment and the detail of the body's experience of each pose has been eye opening.”  

Kristina Nikolova

Long term student and TT graduate

"Having trained with Catherine myself, I could not recommend this training highly enough. While training with Catherine she inspired me to carefully observe, feel and consider what I was asking my body to do and in turn my students’, giving me the tools to teach intelligently and from an informed place.  Catherine is professional and insightful teachers with shared passion for anatomically intelligent practice and wealth of experience."  

Esther Kaijim

Long term student

“I have been practising with Catherine for years now, in both classes and on retreats. She made me fall in love with yoga again and find a freedom in the body that I had not experienced before. Being an ex-dancer, I love how she really takes you on a journey of discovery your own body, without getting attached to the outcome or shape. Whenever I practise with Catherine I feel joy and gratitude for this body, and its capacity to move. She is an intelligent teacher that will encourage you to trust and discover your physicality and she does is with so much love and grace.  Catherine's practise will make you feel relaxed, connected and at the same time the body feels worked on a very deep level.”  

Nicole Scott

Long term student and current trainee

“I have been practising with Catherine for many years, attending Catherine's retreats and regular classes. This style of teaching moves away from a preoccupation with postures as the end point, and instead encourages a deep enquiry into the body and its own particular needs and responses. Practising with them in this way has completely transformed my practice: I experience my body more deeply, have access to more subtle sensation, and am able to be more creative and curious about how I approach my practice. Their approach asks that you throw away dogma and preconceived notions of what yoga should look like, and instead focuses on what you might learn from attending to the process of practice. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to move their yoga and movement towards more subtlety, gentleness, and creativity; and to those who wish to teach their students to live in a more deeply embodied way.”  


Our London Yoga teacher training course is recognised and certified by both the British Wheel of Yoga and by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK).

Why is Accreditation Important?

Yoga teaching has evolved, becoming more professional and organised and teachers are now required to hold valid insurance before yoga studios will employ them.

Originally, yoga was passed from teacher to student, on a 1:1 basis.  Students would study for many years with their teacher, only beginning to teach once they had their teacher’s blessing.  The teaching of yoga has changed, and it’s now much less common for people to work privately - we are more likely to attend class with several other students.

If you really want to follow your dream and begin sharing your love for yoga, it's important to find a course which resonates with you, and which you know will help you develop the skills and experience to be the best teacher you can.

It's also essential to demonstrate to future employers that you have met certain criteria and that you are able to teach safe, intelligent and thoughtful classes.  With iytt, we believe we have created one of the best courses of its type, and we look forward to practising and exploring yoga together.

London Yoga Teacher Training, Course, BWY, British Wheel, Scaravelli, Catherine Annis

Accreditation & Certification

Our London yoga teacher training diploma is fully recognised and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK).

Upon successful graduation from the 18 month course, iytt trainees will receive the following certification:

1. Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Diploma certificate
2. British Wheel of Yoga certification
3. Eligibility to join Yoga Alliance Professionals at Associate – Level 1 status
4. Eligibility to register as REPS Level 3 (Yoga)


British Wheel of Yoga

BWY is recognised by The Sports Council as the governing body for Yoga in the UK. BWY accreditation is also honoured throughout the European community. Upon successful graduation, our trainees become BWY-accredited yoga teachers, which entitles them to use the abbreviation ‘BWY’ and BWY logo as part of their title. BWY teacher membership also includes a market-leading teaching insurance and full support from the BWY.

As a BWY accredited group, iytt will be verified annually for quality.

BWY accredited, training yoga, course, London


Yoga Alliance Professionals

Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals, demonstrating that it is of the highest standard.

As graduates of the iytt course you may use the title 'Associate Level 1 Member'  as a sign of quality training, once you have registered yourself with Yoga Alliance Professionals.



The 6 training modules are a blend of online training delivered via Zoom and in-person teaching.


Online Training

Modules 2-5 inclusive will be delivered online via Zoom.


In-Person Training

Modules 1 and 6 will be held at our Central London venue, The Light Centre, in Belgravia. The studios are dedicated to yoga, and provide all the necessary props and equipment.

The centre is very centrally located, close to the main transport hub of Victoria, with easy access to tube, buses, overland and coach routes, and is surrounded by an array of cafés and shops.  The Light Centre also shares its entrance with Crussh juice bar, so it’s not far to go for healthy juices and snacks.


Getting There

Dates & Prices

The IYTT schedule has been adapted to respond to the opportunities of online teaching whilst maintaining the immediacy of in-person teaching.  The course will be delivered in a modular format providing an immersive and cohesive learning experience, both online and in-person.



We continue to follow advice from the Government and the British Wheel of Yoga and reserve the right to deliver the Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Course entirely online until it is safe to return to the yoga studio.  For more information, please visit the FAQ.



There are 6 training modules in total.  Modules 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 are five days each, and Module 3 is four days.

We plan to deliver Modules 1 and 6 and the June mid-term assessment in-person.  All other dates will be delivered online via Zoom.

Training days run 9-5pm.  In addition there will be a mock exam assessment and a final exam, which will be externally assessed. Mentoring and supervision meetings will be organised at suitable intervals during the course.

The course runs over 18 months, providing well over 200 hours of direct contact with senior yoga teachers.  There will be a maximum of 18 trainees, to ensure plenty of time for individual attention and mentoring throughout the course.

Module 1 Movement Fundamentals Sept 15-19 2021
Module 2 Intelligent Sequencing Jan 19-23 2022
Module 3 Integrated Practice Mar 10-13 2022
Module 4 Perspective June 8-12 2022
Mid Term Assessment Teaching Practice June 18 2022
Module 5 Precautions and Boundaries Aug 31-Sept 4 2022
Mock Assessment Observed Teaching Practice Nov 25-27 2022
Module 6 Fine Tuning Jan 4-8 2023
Final Assessment Teaching an observed class - assessed by an external examiner Mar 3-5 2023
Deposit Due with registration form £1,495
Installment 1 Due by 1st November 2021 £500
Installment 2 Due by 1st February 2022 £500
Installment 3 Due by 1st May 2022 £500
Installment 4 Due by 1st August 2022 £500
Installment 4 Due by 1st November 2022 £500
Total for course £3,995

Students paying the full course fees by 31st August 2021, are eligible for a discount of £250.

We welcome applicants with an established practice of at least 2 years, who are interested in developing an experiential approach to yoga.


There are 6 training modules in total.  Five are 5 days each, and module three is 4 days.  In addition there will be mock assessments to attend as well as a final exam which will be externally assessed. The course runs over 18 months, starting in October, providing 234 contact hours.  There will be a maximum of 18 trainees, to ensure plenty of time for individual attention and mentoring throughout the course.


Practical Assessments

All trainees will be assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the course.  We will provide regular feedback and mentoring to help you develop and grow, supporting you as you gain the necessary confidence and knowledge required in your new role as yoga teacher.

All trainees are required to participate in all aspects and classes of the course, including all activities related to developing teaching skills.

Personal research

Small amounts of reading will be set as preparation for the course and all modules.  We also set assignments and personal research projects after each module which are designed to support your learning and emphasise your personal experience and understanding of the practice.

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