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Great Yoga Breathing Exercise – Ujjayi (3-5 minutes)

Yoga Breathing Exercise Ujjayi (3-5 minutes) Breathing – Ujjayi: sometimes translated as “Victorious” breath, Ujjayi creates a particular sound, like the sound of ocean waves rolling in and out in the distance.   1. Sit…

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FREE Meditation & Breathing class via Zoom

FREE Meditation & Breathing class via Zoom In these difficult times, we need connection and community more than ever. These sessions free offer a space to pause, breathe and quietly be together. Every Thursday evening,…

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Why your office needs mindfulness

What is mindfulness? And why does your office need it? Use it to replace personal negativity, team in-fighting or the feared office manager approach. In the modern office environment of instant information, immediate reaction, and…

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Mindfulness Reduces Stress

Mindfulness Reduces the Way Stress Affects the Brain Article: Mindfulness by R.Nauert PhD Senior News Editor, Psych Central For the last decade numerous studies have shown that mindfulness training can improve a variety of mental and physical…

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Can mindfulness practices strengthen your parenting skills?

Can mindfulness practices strengthen your parenting skills? Article: Mindfulness by K.Pace “Parenting adolescents can be challenging due to the rapid changes happening for young people cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially. Intense emotions for both child…

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Mindfulness can give your business a competitive edge

Mindfulness can give your business a competitive edge Article: Mindfulness in business by F.McBennett, The Irish Independent Companies are looking towards mindfulness courses as a way of increasing productivity and lowering stress levels. Once viewed…

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Scaravelli Inspired Yoga: Breath Awareness

Breath Awareness When a yoga practice isn’t possible, here’s a simple breath awareness exercise inspired by Vanda Scaravelli’s approach to practice. Whilst this time of year can be wonderful, catching up with old friends, spending time with family, it’s also busy,…

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Find Calm In Your Life

Quick & Easy Ways to Find Calm In Your Life Article: Find Calm by T. Williamson When the daily chaos of life becomes overwhelming and you’re pushed to the edge of the cliff, don’t plunge…

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