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Soothing Craniosacral Rhythm Exercise

Craniosacral Rhythm This week in our Online Yoga Classes we’ve been exploring approaches to downregulating and soothing our nervous system by visualising the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is encased in a closed system,…

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Yoga and Heart Health

Yoga and Heart Health Regular Stretching Rejuvenates Artery Walls – Wonderful news from the world of fascia via Robert Schleip⠀ ⠀ According to a new study, regular stretching can significantly reduce the stiffening of arterial…

11 Fun Facts About Avocados

11 Fun Facts About Avocados article by Nicole Baker Avocados are one of my favorite foods. Although I don’t have an avocado tree at home, my house is always filled with avocados. I compiled 11…

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5 surprising food types that can affect your mood

5 surprising foods that can affect your mood 1. Crisps can make you feel depressed Deep down you know snacking on crisps is bad for your body, and now scientists have proven that such food…

stress, adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue

Everything You Need To Know About Adrenal Fatigue Article: Adrenal Fatigue by Dr. A. Myers Your health is on a continuum. On one end you have optimal health, and on the other, you have chronic illness….

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Fiber – All You Need to Know

Fiber – All You Need to Know Article: Fiber by K.Carr Sometimes when folks add more veggies and fiber-filled foods to their plate, their digestive system doesn’t cooperate very well and uncomfortable physical issues crop…

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Fruits & Vegetables: 5 great facts you may not know

Fruits & Vegetables5 great facts you may not know Article by A. Mackey 1. Bananas I’m going to blow your mind: Every banana you’ve ever eaten is the same banana, at least if you were…

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Health Benefits of Nuts

16 Reasons To GO NUTS For Nuts Article on nuts by Dr. R Hoffman A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine underscores the health benefits of nuts. Researchers followed over a hundred…

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