Gary Carter, Anatomy, Course, Fascial, Tensegrity, Myofascial, Yoga, Pilates, London, NaturalBodies, 2020

Gary Carter: Myofascial Anatomy & Movement Course

ANATOMY & MOVEMENT Course for Yoga Teachers: with Gary Carter held in London with guest teachers & lecturers Vikki Ayres, Stephen Braybrook, Julian Baker & James Earls A 10-weekend course starting in November 2019 Structural,…

BodyWorlds, Gary Carter, London, Fascia, Anatomy, Functional, Plastination

Body Worlds London: Gary Carter

4 hour talk at Body Worlds in London with Gary Carter. Gary Carter will take you around the exhibition exploring fascial relationships and compartments, structural arrangements, fluid body, an overview of functional anatomy and will…

Lemon juice, paper cut, cortisol, stress, Scaravelli Yoga

Cortisol, stress and its side effects

Cortisol & Stress Cortisol is similar to lemon Juice.  Would you put lemon juice on a paper cut?  No!  Because you know it stings like crazy. ⠀ It doesn’t make the paper cut worse, but it makes…

Fascia, Fascial, Skein, Anatomy, Catherine Annis, Scaravelli, Yoga


Fascial Threads Fascinating scan showing cross section of the saphenous vein, surrounded by layers of tissue with the strands of fascia standing out, clear as day. ⠀ ⠀ Amazing to see the process of scanning…

Scaravelli, Yoga, Immersion, Course, 2019, Catherine Annis

Scaravelli Yoga Immersion Course: May 2019

Integrated Movement – It’s All Connected Scaravelli Yoga Immersion Course – Scaravelli inspired yoga is unique and challenging – both to practice and, particularly, to teach. Vanda’s approach to the body offers a fresh way…

John Stirk, Original, Body, Primal, Movement, Yoga Teachers, Book

New Book by John Stirk: The Original Body – Primal Movement For Yoga Teachers

The Original Body: Primal Movement for Yoga Teachers ~ by John Stirk The Original Body by John Stirk addresses the physiological experience of yoga.  The soft tissue, skeletal, fluid and spatial sensations experienced in practice are considered…

Anatomy, Brain, Meditation, Stress, Yoga

Brain Cells that respond to Meditation

A link between breathing and meditation has been confirmed!  Well, we all know this already, but it’s interesting to have it explained scientifically. Scientists Think They’ve Pinpointed the Group of Brain Cells That Respond to Meditation…

mesentery, organ

NEW Human ‘Organ’: The Mesentery

A NEW ‘organ’ has been discovered hiding in plain sight inside the human body. Known as the mesentery, it was previously thought to be just a few fragmented structures in the digestive system. But scientists have realised it…

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