Lemon juice, paper cut, cortisol, stress, Scaravelli Yoga

Cortisol, stress and its side effects

Cortisol & Stress Would you put lemon juice on a paper cut?  No!  Because you know it stings like crazy. ⠀It doesn’t make the paper cut worse, but it makes it feel worse. The Side Effects…

Yoga, Hip Opener, Flexibility, Health, Pelvis, Pelvic

What do we mean by “Hip Opener”?

What do we mean by “Hip Opener”? No stretching required There’s a lot of talk in the yoga world about making space through the joints. It’s understandable that this could be interpreted as meaning that…

Barefoot, Feet, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Catherine Annis Yoga

Going Barefoot

Barefoot Yoga Feet Going barefoot is quite the best way to stimulate your feet and get to know them. In life and yoga, they are our foundation, our contact with the earth and every bit…

Breathing, Long Covid

Long Covid Breathing

Breathing for Long Covid Common symptoms of Long Covid are: ∗  breathlessness ∗  chest pain and ∗ fatigue Whilst it’s normal for our Sympathetic Nervous Systems (SNS) to be stimulated whilst fighting infections, we need to be able…

Yoga, heart, health

Yoga and Heart Health

Yoga and Heart Health Regular Stretching Rejuvenates Artery Walls – Wonderful news from the world of fascia via Robert Schleip⠀⠀According to a new study, regular stretching can significantly reduce the stiffening of arterial walls of…

Jody Barber, Anatomy, Physio, Yoga Training

Our Amazing Anatomy

Our Amazing Anatomy – Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Check out the positioning, weight and tightly packed nature of the organs in the abdominal cavity! Back in 2019, pre-Covid, Jody Barber helped us understand the relationship between…

Exmoor. Vagus Nerve, Yoga Workshop, Scaravelli, Hatha, 2021, Somerset, Devon

Yoga Workshop Demystifying the Vagus Nerve: Feb 2021

Demystifying the Vagus Nerve Yoga Workshop Have you ever wondered what the Vagus nerve is and why it’s so important? Playing a fundamental role in the parasympathetic nervous system, the Vagus nerve, the so-called “wandering nerve” is responsible…

Yoga Workshop, Exmoor, Somerset, Devon, Scaravelli, Hatha, Catherine Annis, Foot, Feet, Anatomy

Yoga Workshop Unlocking Feet: October 2020

Yoga Workshop Unlocking the Feet We often overlook our feet until they begin to cause us discomfort.  We forget, perhaps, that they are our connection with the ground, our primary relationship with the earth, and…

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