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A London based BWY Teacher Training Course - fully Accredited

No stretching required ⠀⠀

There's a lot of talk in the yoga world about making space through the joints. It's understandable that this could be interpreted as meaning that the more flexible we are, the better. ⠀⠀

When we're talking pelvis, this can lead to discomfort. Too many "hip openers" can be destabilising for an area which needs to be stable - and not only structurally. ⠀⠀

If you think about it, the pelvis acts as a relay station. It transfers weight and pressure from our upper body (spine, head, organs, arms) down into the feet. Conversely, our feet transmit messages about how we contact the ground and how we are moving across it, up through our legs and into our nervous system. ⠀⠀

Even with our eyes closed, we can sense the contours of the ground as we walk, stand and sit. Our pelvis acts as a container for those messages - if the container is unstable, how can we accurately calibrate the information as we receive it? ⠀⠀

We need a still point, a reliable centred place through which we can sense difference and adapt our gait or position as necessary.

If you'd like to join to consider freedom and ease of movement that has nothing to do with stretching and everything to do with simple, accessible movement, attention to the breath and an understanding of how to let go of unnecessary tension, this is the approach we encourage at Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training. ⠀⠀

We're all for curious, questioning yoga. Are you?

Our next accredited British Wheel of Yoga teacher training course begins September

BWY Teacher Training, Accredited Course, London Yoga Teacher Training

BWY Teacher Training based in London

At Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (iytt), we’re passionate about creating a ground breaking course which acknowledges and celebrates the intelligence and adaptability of the human body.

Our aim is to provide a thought-provoking course, which actively encourages students to question current teaching methods and alignment cues.  During the course, we will encourage trainees to develop a deeper understanding of how they work with, and relate to, their bodies, and how to adapt that understanding to create new, healthier approaches to living and moving.

Our approach to yoga is driven by the most current scientific anatomical and movement research and we will work hard to help you develop into a skilful and responsive teacher, to nurture your approach and understanding of yoga through a consistent, mature and intelligent personal practice.

The course content of the BWY teacher training will be practical and skills-based, and will facilitate a personal journey of exploration and discovery.   Material will be delivered in a variety of ways including formal lectures, guided practice and asana technique classes, group work, teaching practice and individual study and reading.


This is such a wonderful life-changing BWY teacher training course.

Challenging and hard work but incredibly rewarding. Catherine and Tanya and the other the great tutors have given me so much confidence with their depth of knowledge and experience. The way the course is structured works really well and it has been working just as well now it has had to move online to Zoom.

The fact that the course takes 18 months gives time to digest all the learning and properly research the home study elements. I chose this BWY teacher training course more to develop my own practice and learn more about yoga and was not convinced I would or could end up teaching. I feel very lucky to have found this course – and to my surprise – I am now teaching.


Studying to become a yoga teacher with Catherine Annis over the past 2 years has been such a wonderful experience.

It's been a real journey of mindful enquiry & exploration & I really feel by taking time to unpick the asanas, the body & the practice that I have a solid foundation set to go forward and teach. Catherine has a really lovely style and energy and I would highly recommend this BWY teacher training with her to anyone!


I fully recommend this BWY teacher training course. Both Catherine and Tanya teach from an informed and considered place and will give you the tools to teach yoga from your unique standpoint.

The course is aptly named.


The teachers on this BWY teacher training are a force to be reckoned with. As a male student approaching the subtleties of Scaravelli inspired intelligent yoga, I really resonated with the down to earth and direct training of both Catherine and Tanya. As for Gary Carter his anatomy training was the cherry on the cake (life changing teaching).


I can't recommend this training enough.

The teachers are extremely generous with their knowledge and very supportive. They really encourage us to celebrate our individuality and creativity as yoga teachers (within a safe framework grounded in the latest anatomy research) and are not interested in churning out 'robotic' yoga teachers who teach by rote or teach set sequences.

The students I have started to teach have responded really positively to this approach.

Would you like to sample a yoga class hosted by the founder of this BWY teacher training course, Catherine Annis? If so, please make your online booking by clicking here.

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