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Scaravelli, Inspired, Yoga, Italy, Europe, Catherine Annis

Italy: Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Retreat

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga A truly high-quality Italy Scaravelli inspired yoga retreat in the beautiful region of Puglia.  Read what others have to say:   “I’ve just discovered that Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher, Catherine Annis will…

Movement, Modern, Life, MFML, Online, Yoga, Video, Scaravelli, Catherine Annis, Feet

Scaravelli Online Yoga Video Tutorial: Wake Up Your Feet

Online Scaravelli inspired yoga classes I am really proud to be part of Movement For Modern Life (MFML), a revolutionary  website featuring Scaravelli online yoga class videos, plus many other yoga styles from some of…

Vanda, Scaravelli, Yoga, Quotes, Best, quote

Vanda Scaravelli Yoga Quotes

Vanda Scaravelli Yoga Quotes A selection of some of the best Vanda Scaravelli Yoga Quotes from her book Awakening the Spine: Yoga for Health, Vitality and Energy. “Movement is the song of the body.” “When…

Scaravelli, Yoga, Immersion, Course, 2018, Catherine Annis, fascia, biotensegrity

Scaravelli Yoga Immersion Course: May 2018

Under the Skin:An exploration of myofascial connections in movement This Scaravelli Inspired Immersion Course is designed specifically for yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees and anyone with a serious interest in exploring and refining their yoga…

lentils, benefits, yoga

7 Health Benefits of Lentils

7 Health Benefits of Lentils Article: Lentils by J. Wilcox Lately, lentils have become a tasty staple in my diet. Low in calories and high in nutrition, they are the perfect legume to eat in…

Scaravelli, Inspired, Yoga, Italy, Europe, Catherine Annis

Italian Scaravelli inspired yoga retreat: June 2018

Retreat to Italy An Italian Scaravelli inspired yoga retreat holiday at the stunning Masseria della Zingara, Puglia, Italy This yoga retreat holiday in Puglia, southern Italy, is an excellent opportunity for you to explore and…

BKS, Iyengar, Yoga, Quote, Quotes, Best, Guru

A collection of the best BKS Iyengar yoga quotes

BKS Iyengar Yoga Quotes A selection of some of the best BKS Iyengar yoga quotes covering the period between the 1940s all the way through to 2000s. “Yoga is the golden key that inlocks the…

Yoga, Just Do It, Scaravelli, Catherine Annis, London, UK

Yoga – Just Do It

Yoga Practice Sometimes a yoga practice has to be just that: a practice, something that we do again and again, repeating the familiar in the hope that, one day, it will expand into the extraordinary. As a…

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