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Scaravelli inspired Yoga Immersion

Under the Skin:
An exploration of myofascial connections in movement

This Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Immersion Course is designed specifically for yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees and anyone with a serious interest in exploring and refining their yoga practice and yoga teaching.  This yoga immersion is an opportunity to expand the ways we teach yoga as inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli.  Vanda’s approach to the body offers a fresh way of looking at the body and the postures, which will nourish and inspire you in your yoga journey.

Each year the Yoga Immersion course evolves, focusing on a different aspect of how we approach our yoga practice in response to requests from current and returning attendees.

In 2018 we’ll look under the skin, developing our Refine your Practice: Spine and Breath, understanding of the myofascia, its functional role as fundamental structural support in the body, and its role in all our movement, in yoga, and beyond.


Limited to just 20 attendees, the yoga immersion course will help you:

∗  Discover a clearer understanding of the principles of this approach to yoga, with specific focus on how our skin, fascia and myofascial connections affect our practice

∗  Deepen your knowledge of anatomy and structural relationships

∗  Understand the mechanics of connective tissues and explore our myofascial connections

∗  Develop fresh subtle approaches to adjusting / assisting your students

∗  Refresh and reinvigorate your own personal practice and teaching


The Importance of Self Practice

As teachers, we can only teach from our own practice.  We will therefore focus on nurturing our own individual approach to self practice; refining and refreshing it, so that we can pass on our discoveries and revised understanding to others with skill and clarity.  Each day on this immersion we’ll look at a different aspect or approach to practice, so that you leave with some fresh inspiration and answers to your specific questions.

This immersion course is designed specifically for yoga teachersyoga teacher trainees and anyone with a serious interest in exploring their practice who would like to refine their practice and teaching.  This Scaravelli Inspired Immersion Course is an opportunity to expand the ways we teach yoga as inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, and evolves each year in response to the most current thinking in bodywork and movement practices and requests from current and returning attendees.


The Venue

We’ve been coming to Gayles every year since 2012, and everyone loves it here.  It’s a simple and beautiful retreat centre, set deep in the heart of the countryside on the East Sussex coast in the Seven Sisters Country Park (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) just a short walk from the beach at Cuckmere Haven.

Scaravelli inspired, Yoga Immersion, Course, Sussex, Brighton

Gary Carter

We’ll be joined on this yoga immersion by Gary Carter once more, and he will share his profound understanding of the body, and his innovative approach to anatomy and the art and science of moving with ease.

Viewing the anatomy of the body from the perspective of fascia, rather than the more classical anatomy of bones and muscles, gives us a new understanding of the relationship between muscle and fascia.

We’ll be looking at the role fascia plays in our habitual movement patterns and restrictions, and how this manifests in the tissues of the body. This helps us deepen our understanding of movement in both our own bodies and those of others.

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